We're Back + Sheltering in Place Tips!

Hello to you from my kitchen counter in Marin County, CA! For those new to the blog, welcome! FarmHouseUrban blog has been going for about twelve years and while I’ve made tweaks to the look and feel over the years, it’s pretty much remained the same - a journal to inspire and uplift with topics pertaining to home life. For those returning --  heyyyy there! I’ve missed you! Welcome back!

So, here we all are at home. Let me rephrase. We are all simultaneously at home. That alone is mind-boggling, but there are so many more aspects to this global situation that are hard to grasp. The part that I find so interesting, though, is the connection we are developing with our homes and specifically how we utilize the spaces within them. I think this public transportation map that has been floating around social media says it all.

Whether we realize it or not, how we choose to use every space in our home impacts our mood, motivation (or lack of) and general wellbeing. So, let's break down our core activities to three main areas of the house and take a look at  some easy ways to elevate your shelter in place game, or just fine tune what is already there. Here we go...


Three awesome tips for making your home the best it can be while sheltering in place and beyond!

1. Create a work station. If you don’t already have one, designate a space just for working. Maybe this is the kitchen counter, a desk or even the coffee table. Keep it clutter free and orient yourself so that you are facing the least distractible direction. Even better, if you have the option to change the orientation of the furniture, try putting your desk (or table, or whatever) so it faces a window. Facing natural light will lift your spirits.



2. Make your bedroom and bathroom your sanctuary. Our normally busy lives have been reduced to the footprint of our homes, so it’s important for our mental health and overall outlook to create peaceful spaces that promote a sense of calm and encourage good sleep. So, make your bed everyday! Put a flower or something green from outside next to your bed. Light a candle when you take your shower or bath. Only keep things that make you happy next to your bed or in your sleeping area.

3. Use your kitchen to actually cook something! Try making at least one thing from scratch everyday. Besides the fact that food you make is much more gratifying than takeout, it’s also an activity that keeps your mind and body occupied. Using your kitchen to make food for yourself and your sheltermates is a form of self care. We ALL need self care.

When you take care of your home, you take care of YOU! 

With love, stay well, stay strong, stay hopeful!