A New Architectural Crush: Spanish Revival

Over the past several years, I’ve developed a fondness for Spanish style architecture. What I realized as I was collecting images for this post, is that this style has many names – Mediterranean, Hacienda, Italian and probably more, But to be technical, what I’m referring to is called Spanish Revival and has a historical significance as to how and why it became popular in the US. There are also many adaptations to this style of architecture. Around here, I’ve noticed new homes being built with roots in the Spanish Revival style, but often are enormous, watered down versions and lose the charm that the smaller scale homes have. Here are the most distinctive features and what I love about this architectural style.

  1. White Stucco Exterior 

Spanish Revival Architecture - Exterior and Landscaping

Spanish Revival Architecture - Door and Entry

2. Arches


3. Beams

4. Large Scale Metal Divided Light Windows

5. Courtyards

As you can see repeated in many of the above photos, other key features include tile roof, iron work in railings, lighting and furniture, big fireplaces.