Big fat news & a few fashion loves

Big fat news & a few fashion loves

Well hi you. My it’s been a long time. So, I got kind of tired of myself, and thought I better take some time off… It allowed me to think about how best to revamp the content and new ways to present it to you that might be more interesting. A fresh perspective is always good, right? I’m still a ways away from getting that restructuring to come to fruition and didn’t want to go completely MIA, so here I am. 

So, some updates… I am opening a new permanent store! Shut the eff up, I know. After two back-to-back pop-up shops that were really awesome, the opportunity to take a larger space in the same place as the last pop-up presented itself. We open in September. More shop details on Instagram @FarmHouseUrban.

On the personal side, I’m hoping to rent my house out. I’d like to try out a smaller place that allows me to walk to work and the flexibility to get away on the weekends. Maybe spend some time getting to know LA better. I’ve found boundless inspiration there as of late. Other stuff – Luke came home to live briefly after he graduated from college. Here’s something no one tells you – after they (offspring) are grown –  as in fully formed adults with jobs – it’s another parenting hurtle. Why don’t those books “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” continue to after college? I was blind sighted with the reality that he’s not technically coming home anymore, nor does he refer to my house as ‘home’ because he has his own now! Yes, it’s in Berkeley which is only about 10 miles away, but that’s beside the point. My advice – when the time comes, whatever you do, do NOT listen to that  song “The Cat’s In the Cradle”. Especially in the car, in traffic, where people can see you do the cry face and sobbing for reals.



I think the reason I decided to emerge from my Greta Garbo phase at this very moment, is because the Fall fashion post is always a fav. Plus, there’s a ton of inspiration in the styles being offered this season. It’s that time of year to try something new beauties! Let’s have some fun. So, what is on my must have this season:

  1. High-waisted, cropped and colored. I tried this silhouette out last year with denim and fell in love. You all emailed and/or responded to this more than any other clothing piece, so I think you will like this round up.

High waisted cords - Fall Fashion 2018

Rust cords from here

Olive green cotton. From here.

Saffron Yellow Cords - Fall Fashion 2018

Saffron wide whale. From here.

2. Red. I may be a tad late on this, but it took me awhile to realize this color needs to make an appearance in every woman’s wardrobe, and when it does, look out. I have only one red piece in my entire closet – a Ralph Lauren couture dress I spotted on a mannequin a couple years ago and have never in my entire life fallen so hard for a dress. It was the biggest splurge I’ve ever spent on a single piece of clothing. It is absolutely gorgeous and I have never worn it. I like to think of it as my Cinderella dress 🙂  With red, go big or go home…

The higher, the better. From here.

 From here.

Red and Blazers are both on my list this year, so why not double down. From here.

3. Boxy Blazer. Sort of 80’s but without the shoulder pads. It was one of my favorite looks of all time then and now – sleeves pushed up with skinny black jeans (called cigarette then).

Love the tweed, do you? From here.

If you are new to blazer wearing and want to test the waters, you can’t go wrong with basic black and the prices from here are very reasonable. I want literally every. single one.

4. Kitten Heels. Whether it’s a slingback, boot or pump, they’re all about being feminine as well as workable since the heel is not high.

From here.

From here.

Nude and red are great together. From here.

More fashion inspo here.

Our New Store!

Our New Store!

Hi you… I have been MIA because… I opened ANOTHER store!  It came somewhat as a surprise, since we just had a pop-up shop in March and weren’t planning on another until, at the earliest, fall. But the location of this new space could not be more ideal in all ways and just dreamy, so when the opportunity presented itself, I leapt with both feet, knowing the net will appear. I couldn’t post anything until a few days ago due to building permits still pending, but now everything is in place, so I’m able to share this incredible news with you all. This is a pop-up shop too, but it’s longer than we’ve done before – at least a month, but depending on a few things, it could possibly be our first permanent store!


129 Miller Avenue

Mill Valley, CA 94941

Open 10-6 daily




Day One….lol.

Summer throw blankets

Handmade stoneware

Cotton and baby alpaca throws

Organic baby clothes made of bamboo

What to wear to Burning Man - feather and brass choker

Large glass vase

Vintage linen pillows with patches and embroidery

White paint dipped wooden table

Women's seersucker pj's with contrast trim

Lamp made from French Demi-John

Beaded earrings

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