Rooms and furniture in Sepia tones

Hi you.  Normally I remember every anniversary or special date, but my six year blog anniversary came and went in early January and I completely forgot to mention it. So thank you all for brightening my days with your emails and comments letting me know you're there and reading. I cannot tell you how much it touches my heart to hear from you. 



What is it about faded colors that is so appealing? I like when they crash into one another and the colors that emerge are ambiguous and don't have a name. Case in point, the end-of-summer hydrangea. The once vibrant pinks and blues meld and purples and paler shades take over. Faded jeans that are white in places and indigo in others are another example. I love that. So, it makes sense that I've been noticing shades of sepia – or that's what I'm calling it – in interiors.  I'm drawn to the barely-there ,warm, weathered around the edge-ness of it all.












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Recent updates to my house and missing David Bowie.

Hi sweet people. I wrote this post about a month ago, right before I thought I lost all of my photos and was having computer issues. Other than omitting the part about the bad weather we were experiencing at the time, and where I riffied on about how I've made yoga and meditation a lifestyle rather than a part-time hobby, I didn't change anything…

The passing of David Bowie this week hit me hard. His music was the soundtrack to my youth as I'm sure the same is true for many. I was with my Dad when he got the news that John Lennon had been shot. He sat down, covered his eyes with his hand and began to sob. At the time, I felt so awkward. An Ivy League graduate, college football linebacker and Korean War Veteran crying over the death of a musician… I get it now.

To the Thin White Duke…thank you.


Speaking of changes, I've been making some around the house lately. What do you think?


I went back and forth – modern or traditional for the dining room light fixture. As you can see, I finally decided on a traditional chandelier. The chairs and table are all modern, so to balance them out I decided a chandelier would be perfect. A mix of both old and new is what I strive for. I love how sparkly it is at night too.

I bought this early American table at an estate sale a few years ago thinking I would sell it. I don't know why I fell so hard for it, but I absolutely love it and cannot part with it. It bounced around the house in different spots, usually to fill a temporary hole, but I think it found a permanent place under this Hiro Yokose painting.

I wanted a table for next to this acrylic chair from the 70's that I found on Ebay (for $100!)  but it had to be simple yet substantial. I opted for a petrified wood stump from here


See that french daybed in the back? I've had that piece for awhile and am not sure what to do with it. I moved it to the above location around Christmastime when I needed to make room for the tree. I'd like to remake the mattress more like this and make big fat bolsters in a contrasting color like dark + light gray or brown + natural linen. I'm still deciding…. We'll see.


So now there's this big open space at the top of the entryway stairs and between the living and dining rooms where the daybed was… A round table would work, but it's not that practical and I don't want a formal feel. So, I'm thinking of a small 'conversational cluster'. I'm considering moving the coffee table from the living room (above) and adding 4 modern chairs. Ideas?




Another stump for next to the tub 🙂




Nightstands finally!



That's it for the tour! Happy week to you!




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Going Blonde

Going Blonde

A new trend in interiors: bleached wood

Hi… I hope your new year is off to a great start!  I don't typically make resolutions, but this year I did. My type-A, plan-ahead self is taking a rest. She used to think she could see the future as if she was looking into a crystal ball and be sure of how things would go… But in the case(s) where she was wrong and things didn't go as planned or worse – as she believed they would – her world and all she knew to be real, was rocked. So, this year, she is planning I am just going to see what happens…:)



I've been noticing another design trend emerging lately… blonde or bleached wood is appearing in a big way. I am loving the soft shades from milky gray to pinkish and how beautifully they compliment light colors creating an ethereal effect as well as with dark shades and metals creating a more masculine feel. Here are some images that caught my eye. Enjoy.















Have a great weekend!


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Living & Dining Room Refresh – Recent Project Reveal

Living & Dining Room Refresh – Recent Project Reveal

A contemporary refresh of a living and dining room in a rental house that will transition to a permanent home down the road.

Happy Holidays…. I hope this time of year brings you joy, rest and relaxation, laughter and above all, lots and lots of love.

I've wanted to post this project for some time… Super cute young family in a rental home wanted a completely new look that included timeless pieces they could take with them to a future home (whatever the style may be) yet with a feel that reflected the present.










The sofa and coffee table were the only pieces that stayed. The little side table is blue lacquered grasscloth.


The color scheme of navy blue and white is evident in this geometric wool rug.


The new dining room chairs are covered in Perennials stain resistant fabrics. The painting that hung previously was replaced with four mirrors which fill the space better, adds more light and make the room feel a little bigger.



This bar piece is really fun. It separates the spaces and also provides much needed storage for glassware and table linens.


The table top is weathered black and the trestle base is white.


Thanks for taking a tour with me! I hope you enjoyed it!



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Back in Black – Winter Fashion Obsession

Back in Black – Winter Fashion Obsession

Wearing all black is back in fashion and a new trend in interior spaces

I am drawn to wearing black these days. Not that I'm in a somber mood, but the inspiration for an edgier look is drawing me in, plus it always works.

Here's a round up of outfits and interiors that inspire me. Hope you enjoy them too!










In addition to fashion, I'm spotting black in big and bold ways in interiors. 









Have a fabulous week!




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Giving Thanks and Turkey Day Around Here

Giving Thanks and Turkey Day Around Here

Thanksgiving 2015

Hi my loves. Over the past two weeks I've started and stopped 3 very different blog posts. Each one is timely – a super cute recently completed project, my latest fashion obsession and a gorgeous interiors trend I see emerging, but none more timely than a post on gratitude… So this post, for now, trumps the others. I promise not to get preachy on how easy it is to forget the little things that we can take for granted – a smile from a stranger, time carved out to exercise, your kids not having anything major going on, good genuine people surrounding you and the list goes on… But I will say that I am paying extra attention to these little things and allowing the goodness in the world that can easily go unnoticed, to really sink in.

So on this Thanksgiving, as I have for the past five, I would like to express my gratitude for your reading, encouraging and supporting me and FarmHouseUrban all these years. I so appreciate each and every one of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!



On to Thanksgiving and what we're up to! First off, Luke is home!  We are hosting our good friends who were one of the first families we met when we moved to California nine years ago. 

I know from previous posts on holiday entertaining that you, like me, enjoy festive table settings, so here is a round up of some that inspired my table this year and got me excited for more holiday dinners with friends and family. Salute!

Ina table - town and country

Ina Garten (aka Barefoot Contessa)










For more table setting inspiration, click here

Our Thanksgiving Table…






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My Little Victorian Inn Project – and a special offer for you!

My Little Victorian Inn Project – and a special offer for you!

My wine country Inn project revealed and a special offer to readers.

For awhile now I’ve been working on a hotel project in Healdsburg; a quaint small town in the heart of Northern California’s wine country. It’s been a fairly slow moving process as the owners have several properties – other inns, wineries, etc. that all need attention at the same time. That being said, I go at their pace and tremendously enjoy watching the progress made even in baby steps. I have wanted to get you acquainted for some time. So, at long last, here is a place that is near and dear to me: The Grape Leaf Inn.

The first item on the renovation list was painting the exterior.


The next area we focused on was public spaces. We reconfigured the furnishings in these rooms to create a new reception area and dining room(s).

I had a custom table made for communal dining. The adjacent dining room also has custom tables of two. The tables are all the same length so if there is a large event, the tables could be lined up to create one long table for 28 guests. 


The modern variation of a windsor chair blends the traditional architecture and old fashioned charm of the original inn with a clean and current feel. They are from here.



The next phase included two brand new suites. A completely blank canvas which served as our design springboard for the rest of the 10 suites. The nightstand on the right side of the bed arrived broken. A new, matching one has since arrived.

An outdoor shower in this suite… 🙂



A private courtyard too.



There were additional tweaks made to each room after these photos were taken, as more accessories arrived, etc. 

I will continue to show photos periodically of the progress. In the meantime, Grape Leaf Inn has generously offered FarmHouseUrban readers a special rate of 25% off! Just email or call 707-395-0929 and mention “FarmHouseUrban special rate” and you will get your discount!

The inn is located about two blocks from the center square in downtown Healdsburg. The surrounding area is breathtakingly beautiful wine country! 

For more information about Grape Leaf Inn, click here.

Have a wonderful weekend!




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Pop-Up – Recap

Pop-Up – Recap

Details and photos from our pop-up shop in Mill Valley, CA.

Holy Moly what a week. I will go into detail about the pop-up in just a minute, but had to first share with you the highlight of my birthday which was this past weekend… We had just been seated at Bix in San Francisco (such a festive spot!) for dinner on Friday night and guess who walked in? My son Luke who completely surprised me by flying home from college in Washington, DC! It was a total sob fest. Well, only me, but at least they were happy tears!

And now for some photos from the pop-up last week… All of this new merchandise will be on the shop website by next week! In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email me.We sold out of all the pillows and featherbeds, but more are coming in new color ways and fabrics soon!

Gorgeous vintage dresses from France.

I got these saw horses from Ikea and just used plywood boards for the tops. I love Ikea.

Instead of putting price tags on every piece, I used some muslin I had and wrote the prices on the fabric with a Sharpie. I nailed the muslin pieces to the plywood with industrial tacks.

I have a soft spot for vintage finds. Each piece I buy, I actually want to keep for myself. This macrame throw is so cool… It sold the first day. I’m still pining for it.

This is an antique grape pickers bucket. At one time, there were leather straps so it could be worn on the pickers’ back. It’s beautiful aged patina is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I like them hung on the wall with branches or long stemmy flower arrangements.

The piece above is an outdoor beverage trough. I have one and love it. The board is removable, but is a great accessory for bar accoutrements. For the pop-up, I had a party one night and used it for pre-mixed cocktails which I put in these fun bottles that I got at Ikea.

The featherbeds were my best seller. I ordered the three above for the shop, and sold an additional five. They are cot size, so when I spotted this WWII cot a few weeks ago, I knew it would be the perfect way to display the featherbeds. I had the canvas replaced so it’s now sturdy and clean but has the naturally weathered distressed wooden stand.

Another picture of the featherbeds (above). They roll up and tie and come with a beautiful linen duffle bag with shoulder straps. Perfect way to take them to the beach, a picnic or camping!

Coordinating lumbar and throw pillows. All sold out for now.

It was a blur of a week, but so fun.

More posts coming soon.



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