How to Style a Bar  – FarmHouseUrban Style

How to Style a Bar – FarmHouseUrban Style

Hi to you…The last week has been a whirlwind! The pop-up shop opened on Thursday and I’m happy to say it turned out cute as a button. On the flip side, I picked the absolute worst rain storm week in California history #kiddingnotkidding to open. Despite the weather, people have sloshed their way in and scooped up all kinds of goodies which warms my heart beyond words.  More on the pop-up on Instagram and Facebook. And… drumrolll…. the online shop is live!



So this post is about, of all things, how to style a bar! Am I a big drinker you might wonder? No, Am I working on a project with a bar in it? No. So, why on earth am I writing about bar styling? The answer is, because nothing says “Fun Happens Here” quite like walking into a room with a well stocked bar. I also really like the aesthetic of it all. The sparkly bottles and glassware, jars of olives and maraschino cherries, metal accoutrements, swizzle sticks. You get the idea. For more ideas and inspiration check out my  Pinterest board on home bars . They  just look good. So here you go…

Traditional Stye Home Bar Set-up

This has been a favorite bar photo for a long time, and one that gives me lots of inspiration on styling in general. For one thing, this is an antique credenza vs a bar cart. There is not a square inch left on here which I actually think is the way to go. Par-tay time. There’s a lamp in the back so I can imagine how great the ambient lighting adds to the vibe.

I really like this set-up. Perfect for small spaces and looks to be a shelf piece. Again a creative way to use furniture that you might have lying around and not know what to do with. Short bottles in front, tall in back, and the use of trays, which are essential to taking the bar from looking good to great. Tools and ice bucket must be nearby.

Wood Bar Cart

This bar cart is clearly made for its intended purpose. I like the dark accessories, pewter bowl and leather bag. Well edited – probably styled for a photo shoot rather than an actual home, but that’s ok. we can still get inspired.


If you have the space and inclination to create a home bar, here are some fun ideas to get started:


Mid-Century Credenza

The advantage of a piece like this, besides it’s good looks is the hidden storage. There are endless possibilities for great finds like this on here.

Rattan Double Sized Bar Cart

Bartender, make mine a double!  This rattan piece is for that situation when you need a lot of work space. And you can have some serious fun setting it ip. Just enough detail, but not too much. From here.

Dark metal cart on wheels

I was going to use this piece in a recent design project but the dark metal finish version wasn’t available yet. This piece is really versatile as it’s a little more narrow than most, so it can serve as a buffet in a small dining room, or even in a bathroom for extra storage. From here.



Tools are essential in cocktail preparation, but displaying them without looking messy and scattered can be a challenge. Also, since space is typically limited, this cool stand with all the basic tools included would solve both issues beautifully. From here.

Once you have the basics, it can be fun to add interesting pieces to the mix, like this one from here.

More bartending tools from here.


Cut crystal tumbler

I am in love with cut crystal tumblers. They’re old school in the very best way. If a glass can be called sexy, this one has it goin on. Get it here.

While it’s not glassware, these are a must with the glass above – or any cocktail tumbler. Slow melting, large, square ice cubes, one is al you need.


A twist on the traditional martini glass. For all those straight-up cocktails. Plus great for desserts.

Big daddy brandy snifter from here.


Decanter from here.




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Pop-Up Opens Thursday! – And A Very Special Maker Spotlight

Pop-Up Opens Thursday! – And A Very Special Maker Spotlight

Hello sweet reader. We are so close to opening the best of the best FarmHouseUrban Pop-Up Shop to date! T minus 2 days! I sound like a broken record, but I’m sincerely in awe of the gorgeous  collection of home furnishings and apparel we have for you! 

FarmHouseUrban Pop-Up

March 15 – March 31

10:30-5:30 daily (closed Tuesdays)

550 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur CA

My goal when I decided to relaunch the shop was to only carry pieces that could stand alone and be exquisite in their design all by themselves. Price point not a factor – just purely about the quality, craftsmanship, material and design. My number one guiding principal in all areas of life from creating a wardrobe with pieces that inspire and offer endless outfit options, to designing functional and timeless interior spaces  – compile a mixture of hi and lo price points, but all beautiful on their own. To be more specific – the basics – the pieces that will stand the test of time, are worth investing in, For example, a handbag that you only wear occasionally but is so classic and well made that it will look chic and hip for decades. The same is true for things in the home…. Investing in pieces that when your eyes land on them you are lifted by their beauty, and when your hand touches them, you feel joy and comfort. There is no maker that represents this more than the one I am about to introduce…

Without further adieu, here is Sefte.

I am so blessed to call this beautiful woman (on the left) my friend. Her sister lives on the other coast 🙂 One matching half of this amazing twin sister created company. These heavenly pieces will be in the shop as well as on the shop site beginning Thursday, March 15th.

Alpaca Throw with Tassels

Cream colored alpaca throw

Gray and cream luxury alpaca throw

Speckled alpaca throw with tassels

Light gray alpaca pillow with tassels


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