Lily’s Bedroom is finished!

Lily’s Bedroom is finished!

Hi to you…First I want to say, as I often to do, thank you to each and everyone who reads this blog. I cannot express the sheer amazement and pleasure it gives me to know that so many people actually read it and even better, like it and find it inspiring. I appreciate your understanding during my recent hiatus…. I've missed you. It's so good to be back.

A little background for those just tuning in… My daughter Lily is 14 and has had the same bedroom furniture since she went from a crib to a bed. She was long overdue for a room makeover, so I decided to surprise her (actually she weighed in on most decisions) while she was away at camp. The big reveal was HGTV worthy -complete with jumping, squeals, etc. Needless to say she loves it and the added bonus – she has actually kept it tidy so far!

The color scheme before was lavender. Her beds were a purchase from ebay from years ago. I bought one bed and when I went to pick it up, the bidder on another bed never showed, so I scored both! Lily was a toddler and still quite content in her crib, but I loved them and figured someday soon she would be ready. The seller had shabby chic'd them, as you can see below.




I painted the beds gray (I didn't actually do the painting, but you knew that :-). I will look up the color and give it to you in a later post. Incidently, a reader emailed me recently requesting my favorite shade of gray. I realized as I walked through my house counting all the things I had painted in various shades of gray, that it is hard to pick just one!


When we were under construction and replacing all the windows in the house, I had the window in Lily's room moved from off to the left to where it is above – centered in between the two beds.


the duvet covers came from here


The nightstand and matching desk are available through the trade. They are sold in many home furnishing stores around the country. If you are interested in purchasing click here.


The nightstand and desk came with different pulls – brass, circular and rather large. They didn't work with the feel of Lily's new room, so we bought these pretty glass knobs at Anthropolgie. Click here for the link.


I had a pair of these lamps from Z Gallerie. We replaced the lampshade with this gray one. 



The fabric is by Clarke & Clarke. Click here for the link. Lily wanted the colors in her room to match her bathroom, see it here, so once we found this fabric that has grays and dark pinks, the rest of the accessories became easy to find. 


We used it for Roman shades and pillow shams.



Floating shelves, gray storage box and pink desk organizer are from here


Petite chandelier is from here.


Gray zebra rug and fuzzy pillows are from here.


That's it!

Happy Monday! Have a great week! 

FarmHouseUrban Remodel Update – Landscaping Phase One: back patio

FarmHouseUrban Remodel Update – Landscaping Phase One: back patio

Hi sweet readers. I hope you are having a wonderful summer! It's flying by isn't it? My daughter Lily came home from camp on Sunday, which means I have both my kids home finally! While they were away, I spent several days out of town enjoying great weather, friends and lots of relaxation. All of our scheduled summer plans are behind us now, so other than spontaneous get-aways, we have the remaining month of summer before school starts to take it day by day. I did deliver on my goal to finish decorating Lily's room before she got home! I want to wait for the last two items to arrive before I show it to you. But, it turned out really well and most importantly, she loved it!! Have a great weekend!

This week we began work on the area outside the lower level of the house. There are french doors that open to a deck that steps down to what will be a flagstone patio with a fire pit.  The one I really like is more of a fire bowl – kind of modern and made from cast concrete. I have to place the order tomorrow, so in 3 weeks the entire project will be complete. S'more time!!!

Here's what it looks like now:




The railing around the porch is almost finished too.


It’s all in the details:  home accessories.

It’s all in the details: home accessories.

Well, hi! Our heat wave finally ended – what a relief. Almost no temperature is too hot for me, but without the reprieve of cool nights we typically get in California, it was downright uncomfortable. I hope it is cool where you are and you're enjoying a lovely weekend!

For the past few weeks I've taken a little break from house matters – so much other stuff going on plus I just needed to recharge. I'm excited to be back to it and made progress this week with furniture and window coverings. As I've said before, this is going to be a gradual process, layering over time rather than a big reveal. Speaking of a big reveal, we got tv hooked up this week after a year without it. I turned on HGTV and watched a show about a major renovation of a bungalow in Hollywood. The homeowners moved in after 9 months with all new furniture and accessories that were perfectly in place within a month. It put me in a little bit of a bad mood and I had to turn it off.

While I took a mental break from the furniture plan, I have had some fun playing around with accessories – some old, some new. It's amazing what a difference adding a few books to a shelf, putting flowers in a vase, fruit in a bowl and candles on table can make.



Metal vase caddy can be found here.



Blown glass votive holder can be found here.


Glazed handmade pitcher can be found here.

  Bud vase can be found here.


FHU - cutting board
Narrow breadboard can be found here.

FarmHouseUrban House Remodel Update – Fireplaces and Hood

FarmHouseUrban House Remodel Update – Fireplaces and Hood

Hi. As I sit here on this gorgeous June night thinking of what to write in this pre-post message to you, I find that I'm drawing a blank. Yet, at the same time I'm filled with many things I want to say. Perhaps what this means is, while I have nothing newsworthy to share per se, there's so much I feel like writing about… Before I get tempted by the latter, let me simply say, I hope you had a fantastic week. Mine was absolutely wonderful.

The saga of our hood is long and a bit of a tearjerker, so I've spared you the gory details and jumped right to the happy ending. The new one came and I love it!




The pendant lights still need to be installed, so one more thing before the final 'ta-da'.


The hood is by Vent-a-Hood and is part of their create your own option called "Build-a-Hood". Click here for more info.

The living room fireplace was in need of a major make-over.


Living room fireplace -before



The wood above the slate still needs to be painted. I'm very happy with how the chunky mantle turned out!

The fireplace on the lower level had a close call with extinction. 


Basement fireplace - before


Sorry for the poor photo. Even with the flash off, the lighting is very unnatural, because I took it at night. Anyway, you get the idea – new slate surround and hearth, reclaimed beam mantle and some paneling to add architectural detail. The brass piece is not staying.

The above two fireplaces were existing and are wood burning. Our contractor suggested we add gas log lighters to both, which we did. We added one new fireplace to the Master Bedroom and per California code it's gas.


Taken during the day (above). Taken a few minutes ago – almost midnight (below).


Sweet dreams.

FarmHouseUrban House Remodel Update – Interiors and Furniture

FarmHouseUrban House Remodel Update – Interiors and Furniture

We're waiting on the hood which is due to arrive and be installed any day, as well as the pendant light fixtures for over the island. Once those happen, the kitchen will be completely finished! I'm excited to show them both to you as well as the other little things that are coming together gradually. In the meantime, I'm thinking about furnishings. The house is a blank canvas right now, so it's been fun to think about all of the possibilities!

I would like to tackle the nook off of the kitchen first, as I expect this will be my preferred spot for reading, watching movies, hanging out with friends, etc. It's small and cozy, so it won't need much!



A sectional sofa will fit along the wall and under the window.

Here are two sofa options I'm considering.  Either one will need to be customized to fit the space. We sell this fabulous made-in-USA line in the shop and online here. Extremely well made and at a great price point! Please email me directly with inquires.

I like the look of this sofa – modern, yet it looks really comfy and deep. 

This one is more traditional. I would change the cushions so the sofa part has only one upper and one lower. I like the higher arms and side cushions too.


Here are the fabrics – indigo linen for the sofa and the floral and striped for throw pillows.


I'm intrigued by small spaces and how the scale of a room impacts the way we feel while in it.

Here a few small spaces that inspire me.

Small spaces1

Small sectional - country living
Small spaces3

Small spaces4

Small spaces2

For more small space inspiration, click here to go to my Pinterest board.

Enjoy the extra day off tomorrow – wherever you are…

FarmHouseUrban House Remodel Update – Finishing Touches

FarmHouseUrban House Remodel Update – Finishing Touches

Happy Mother’s Day! Did you have breakfast in bed? I don’t like to eat in bed, but I do love breakfast! I’ve dropped major hints this week that I’ve been craving blueberry pancakes and bacon. My two (plus sleepover friends) are still snoozing, so we’ll see how that goes!

Breakfast in bed3


First off, I want to say thank you for all of your comments and emails!  I try to respond to each individually, but I’m sure I’ve let some slip by the past couple of weeks. Please accept my apology and if you don’t mind, just resend them! I have a temporary internet connection at the house and at times have no access. Moving + super busy at work has meant almost no time at the computer! So, I am going to attempt to list all the questions I have received and the corresponding answers below. 

What is the paint color on the exterior?  It’s a custom color that was matched to the window trim.

What are the dimensions of the board and batten siding? 12″ center to center, and 2 1/2″ width for the batten.

Can you share the source for your flooring? Yes, it’s Siberian Floors ask for Lenny.

What is the paint color on the front door? It’s Obsidian by Restoration Hardware, color matched in Ben Moore paint.

Where did you get the tile for the bathroom floor? Unfortunately I don’t know, the tile setter sourced it. It’s 2 1/2″ Carrera hexagon shape.

Here are some recent house photos.


The hood is coming the end of the month. 


The pantry door has been stained a walnut color and the wood type is Alder. The door swings which has already proven to be so helpful!  I highly recommend it for pantry doors. The countertop inside the pantry was installed on Friday, so the cabinets and shelves need to still be put back in. I’ll post pictures when that happens.


The railing is finished, the paper on the floor finally removed, and front door hardware is on. Entry is done except for lighting. Still TBD on all of that.



This is the inside handle.

And the outside. They are from Rocky Mountain Hardware.

There are still a few boxes still at the rental house, but for the most part all of the furniture is out. It will be a gradual process to fill this house. But that’s how it should be. 




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