How to Decorate with Indoor Trees

How to Decorate with Indoor Trees

I have a confession. I forget to water plants. I have opted not to have indoor plants for the past several years due to a very busy schedule. Recently though, I began noticing that many of my saved Pinterest images have indoor trees in them, in particular Ficus trees. I love the ethereal and natural quality they add to a space. So, when I went to the nursery, the plant expert informed me that some Ficus’s are very difficult to maintain and steered me towards the low maintenance varieties. The one I picked was a Rubber Tree. I don’t want to sound braggy, but it’s been two months and it’s THRIVING!

Glamour shot

There is a plethora of information online about indoor plant and tree care, so rather than add any tips (other than don’t forget to water it), I will just offer some eye candy to get you inspired.


Maui Dreams

Maui Dreams

A couple of weeks ago I went to Maui for a last minute, long-weekend getaway. We were away for four days, just long enough to slow the pace down and truly relax. When I was growing up, my family, like so many other Seattle families, went to Maui for vacation every year. We stayed in old Maui – Kaanapali or Kapalua usually. The shops and restaurants of Lahaina became so familiar over the years, it seemed nothing ever changed. I loved it all. After I graduated high school and friends were jetting off to Europe, I opted to go to Maui. I left the day after graduation and came back the week before college started. I could write a book on the experience of being seventeen (and on the extreme naive end of the worldliness spectrum) and being completely on my own financially (and otherwise), while on a tropical island in the Pacific. When my plane landed late that night and I was greeted by my Maui friends that I met a few months prior, with whom I would be living for the next three months, I was informed that they had been evicted that morning and we didn’t have a place to live…. And there were no cell phones as it was 1984. Needless to say, I learned a lot about life, survival, being resourceful and what and absolute blast it is to not have a plan.

I had only been to the Wailea part of Maui a couple of times since my summer of ’84. But Wailea didn’t feel like the Maui of my memories, so I guess I lost my desire for Hawai’i over the years. I assumed it all had changed. How wrong I was. Coming back to the places we used to go – six nomads, one car and a lot of surfboards – brought me back to that summer and my love has been reignited. So, I’ve been having Maui dreams and as such, I’ve been fantasizing about what my ideal Polynesian island home would look like…

Hawaiian plantation style architecture
The Hawaiian plantation style architecture and the dark green color are just perfect. This house blends right in with the surrounding tropical plants
Part hut, part day bed, all about serious relaxing.
I love the texture and warmth these wooden doors add to the room. If I could find them, I’d use antique Polynesian doors and a big banana leaf on the nightstand.
Another bedroom with old doors or wardrobe for the closet. Again, I might add some dark green and darker wood accents.
So good.
Dinners here with friends and family with the island breezes gently blowing through – pure heaven,
An indoor/outdoor lifestyle is the only way to go.

For some of my favorite places in Maui click here, here, here, here and here.

Mama's Fish House
Maui nō ka ‘oi
It started with this dress…

It started with this dress…

I’m referring to my current fashion obsession – polka dots. If you, like me, tend to be pattern averse, think of this as a baby step. Kind of like wearing stripes, but dots.

This dress stopped me in my tracks recently with its playful yet chic style. Plus, I could picture Amal Clooney wearing it. It also struck me as insanely versatile, even though it’s a pattern (and polka dots no less!) which seems completely counter intuitive to versatility. Pondering the outfit possibilities as I stood there, I pictured wearing this in the cooler months with knee-high, pointed-toe black suede boots and if I was really going for it, an emerald green handbag and/or leather gloves. In the summertime, with a strappy sandal and presto! it’s daytime appropriate.

My style inspiration for Spring/Summer 2019 dresses
Seeing spots at Celine.

Let’s do this together. Baby steps. Before we know it, we’ll be tossing in floral accessories and contrasting colored shoes like nobody’s biznasss. As always some inspo….

If there is a season to try this out, it’s now – spring/summer. Why? Because it’s time to have some fun, it’s been a long AF winter. Here are some of my top picks.

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We’re back!

We’re back!

Hello sweet reader! The blog is back! I pressed the pause button for the past several months to devote my full attention towards the opening of our first brick & mortar FarmHouseUrban Home Store! We opened in September and while there have definitely been a few ‘learning curve moments’ the entire experience has been an absolute joy.  In addition, our online store is up and running and packed with beautiful pieces to enhance your homes. The link is at the bottom of the post…

Owning a retail store was never in my plan AT ALL! Go figure how the universe is still working in your favor even when you are not “manifesting”?! But, now that it’s here and where I spend most of my time, I could not imagine a more ideal scenario. Since I was the first occupant of the space, the store was a blank canvas – literally white walls and a concrete floor. Things like what kinds of display pieces would be best, what to sell, and how to merchandise were new concepts. Different from designing interiors, but equally fun. Everyday we move things around and mix it up.

FarmHouseUrban Home Store
After trying out a few different shaped tables, this round one with customizable dimensions felt like the best fit.
FarmHouseUrban Home Store - surfer photographs
The photographs were taken by a Marin photographer at Stinson and Bolinas – two local beaches. Thick, beautifully sewn linen napkins in white and three shades of gray – all you need.
Rattan arm chair with tropical pillow
I’m so in love with this chair – timeless, sturdy and sooo comfy. When the tropical print pillows from Australia arrived the same day…. it was a match made in heaven.
FarmHouseUrban - dinnerware
When we first opened, I started with a small selection of dinnerware. They’re made in a factory in Portugal that has been making gorgeous tableware for over 100 years (dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe, too). They quickly became our best selling items. I feel strongly that luxury items that are beautiful, timeless and made well, need not be expensive. We’ve expanded these three stunning collections to include more options for your table’s fabulousness.
FarmHouseUrban Home Store - serving pieces.
One of the most exciting parts of having a store is connecting with artists who make gorgeous one-of-a-kind creations. These pottery trays are only available in our store in Mill Valley. I especially adore the little dish that looks like a robins egg.
FarmHouseUrban Home Store - glassware
Glassware seemed like a good addition since dinnerware has been so popular. I found these etched glasses and was so smitten. What is especially great (besides the fact they are lead free and made in Poland) is that they are equally happy filled with a martini, champagne or ice cream.

The store is in Mill Valley, CA – a hop, skip and a jump over the Golden Gate Bridge – about 15 mins north of San Francisco. Visit us!

Our new website is also live and where you will find many of the pieces above. We will be continuously updating the online shop with new products, so please check in regularly. Find us at We ship!

It’s nice to be back to connecting with you here. I’ve so missed you…



Pop-Up Opens Thursday! – And A Very Special Maker Spotlight

Pop-Up Opens Thursday! – And A Very Special Maker Spotlight

Hello sweet reader. We are so close to opening the best of the best FarmHouseUrban Pop-Up Shop to date! T minus 2 days! I sound like a broken record, but I’m sincerely in awe of the gorgeous  collection of home furnishings and apparel we have for you! 

FarmHouseUrban Pop-Up

March 15 – March 31

10:30-5:30 daily (closed Tuesdays)

550 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur CA

My goal when I decided to relaunch the shop was to only carry pieces that could stand alone and be exquisite in their design all by themselves. Price point not a factor – just purely about the quality, craftsmanship, material and design. My number one guiding principal in all areas of life from creating a wardrobe with pieces that inspire and offer endless outfit options, to designing functional and timeless interior spaces  – compile a mixture of hi and lo price points, but all beautiful on their own. To be more specific – the basics – the pieces that will stand the test of time, are worth investing in, For example, a handbag that you only wear occasionally but is so classic and well made that it will look chic and hip for decades. The same is true for things in the home…. Investing in pieces that when your eyes land on them you are lifted by their beauty, and when your hand touches them, you feel joy and comfort. There is no maker that represents this more than the one I am about to introduce…

Without further adieu, here is Sefte.

I am so blessed to call this beautiful woman (on the left) my friend. Her sister lives on the other coast 🙂 One matching half of this amazing twin sister created company. These heavenly pieces will be in the shop as well as on the shop site beginning Thursday, March 15th.

Alpaca Throw with Tassels

Cream colored alpaca throw

Gray and cream luxury alpaca throw

Speckled alpaca throw with tassels

Light gray alpaca pillow with tassels

Styling bookshelves 101

Styling bookshelves 101

Hi beautiful reader. How are you doing during this time of year? It can be hard and it can be wonderful, sometimes concurrently, right? Just be mindful to keep centered and take good care of your self (see last post if you need some help getting started). I am knee deep in a couple of interiors projects with install deadlines the first week of Jan. The other work related project, and I know I’ve been talking about it for awhile so bear with me because it’s really coming together in such a big beautiful way is… the online shop is almost ready!!! I am beyond excited to share these home decor and fashion collections with you, so please, follow along or subscribe so the minute the shop goes live, you will be of the first to know!!!

The kids are home for the holidays, which I LOVE. That said, I have found it helpful when they and their friends abscond back from college, that a few military practices come in really super handy. One that I like a lot is “One is none. Two is one.” This basically means that if I have only one of something, say for example, peanut butter, it’s as if I am already out of peanut butter the same day. So, always have like 2+ peanut butters so you don’t run out. Another favorite is “Time spent on reconnaissance is never wasted.” I really like that one. It’s particularly helpful when, weirdly, your chargers all disappear and everyone ‘swears’ they have no idea where they went. I’ve also found that writing checklists of what you mean by “clean” alleviates gray areas and makes for fewer conflicts.

Happy Holidays!

On my way to a holiday dinner party of girlfriends Top from 2 years ago from here, Black jeans from here. and ankle boots from here.



Bookshelf styling is an art unto itself. I find it to be one of the hardest things to do in the entire realm of interior design. Anyone else struggle with this too? Finding the right balance of stuff without it looking cluttered can be be challenging.

I’ve got a buit-in bookshelf that has been in need of attention…

FarmHouseUrban bookshelf styling

FarmHouseUrban white pitcher collection

FarmHouseUrban ceramic vase collection

FarmHouseUrban buddha + books

I decided to educate myself on how to improve it and have consolidated the findings to this list and added a few of my own two cents:

  1. Start with books. Duh! While this might seem obvious, it’s worth reiterating. I prefer hardcover books rather than paperback for the shelves I’m working on, but not opposed to displaying paperback. I’m contemplating taking the paper jackets off too…Books can and should be oriented horizontally and vertically to create visual interest. I’ve noticed on Pinterest and some popular home remodeling shows that faux books are used quite often for their color or size. I would suggest using real books over faux.Bookshelf Styling ideasBookshelf styling ideas
  2. Use large and tall items. Pretty self explanatory.bookshelf styling ideasbookshelf styling ideas
  3. In addition to framed photos, art can be used as a backdrop, leaned up against the back or hung on the bookcase frame.bookshelf styling ideasbookshelf styling ideas
  4. Framed family photos shouldn’t be lined up in a row. Scatter them around or have them made into one large piece. bookshelf styling ideasbookshelf styling ideas
  5. Lay out things that you love from around the house on a table or the floor near the shelves you’re working on- boxes, vases, bowls, baskets, objects of art and start moving things around. I read a good tip to not use anything smaller than an apple when styling bookshelves. Even if you only get a few shelves ‘just right’ you will now be thinking of your bookshelf when you are out and about and see something cool and wonder, “where would I put this?”.bookshelf styling ideasbookshelf styling ideas

More bookshelf and interior styling inspo, on my Pinterest page here.


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