Rustic Accents for Your Holiday Table & What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Rustic Accents for Your Holiday Table & What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Rustic chic Holiday Tabletop inspiration

I’m excited to share with you, my sweet readers, a new professional venture I embarked upon almost one year ago… I’ve taken a slight departure from my residential and hospitality interior design focus to develop and execute creative direction for several start-up and interior + lifestyle brands. I fell into the first position by happy accident (well, there really are no accidents as everything happens for a reason – I am a firm believer in that!) and one position led to the next and so on. The FarmHouseUrban brand, however is still ever present! I temporarily turned off access to my online store, but it will be back in the New Year and better than ever along with other exciting happenings! 

I was recently approached by the exquisite home furnishings company – Europe 2 You to partner on a project for the launch of their new e-commerce site – EtuHome. For those not familiar, Europe 2 You is a wholesale-only maker of gorgeous vintage inspired products for the home. EtuHome is the new retail branch of their company – making their products accessible to absolutely everyone!

For this project I was sent several of EtuHome‘s top-selling pieces and my assignment was to style them in my personal aesthetic. Here’s what I came up with:

rustic tabletop styling

I pulled some things from around the house – linens, ceramic pitchers, vintage hotel silver, galvanized containers, votives and a box of acorns I just got from here, Then I went to the fridge and took out all the fruits and veggies that were still good! Last, I cut some stems from the garden.

Spanish Olive Server

The piece above is the Spanish Olive Tray which comes in three sizes. I adore this piece! Part cutting board, part serving piece, it adds a unique twist to both. As such, there are endless ways to use it. The most practical and easy – leaning on your kitchen backsplash! I have been noticing the trend of using individual-size wood pieces as serving trays, so that was my inspiration and styled mine as a coffee tray.

Coffee Tray

Next is the Bordeaux Bistro Tray which measures 20″ in diameter. The galvanized edge is 4″ high. Many of us have upholstered ottomans which are risky to set beverages on. This tray is the answer! It provides a stylish receptacle for stacking your magazines or weekly newspapers too.

Galvanized metal and wood serving tray

Above and below is the Bianca Cake Stand (short). I used the sepia filter just because 🙂 but below is the unfiltered version. I have a cake stand collection, but none are made of wood, so this is a fun addition. Now thinking of what kind of cake to make for it…. any ideas?

rustic wood and metal cake stand

The below two photos show the versatile Baguette Board. I tried to style the pieces in ways that offer an alternative to the suggested use. I played around with this piece more than any of the others and found so many places that it just looked great – including across my bathtub holding soap and a sponge. I wouldn’t suggest that it be used that way if water was in the tub as it might damage the integrity of the wood and finish. That said, when not in use or set on a table or counter holding just about anything – it will look amazing!

Babette Server


The next three photos are of the Bordeaux Wine Barrel Lazy Susan. This is a fun piece and frankly a must-have if you’ve got a large round or square table. It should come with a warning to parents of teenagers and their friends who wouldn’t stop spinning it  young children – not to put breakables or spillables on it in their presence.

Rustic lazy susan



Last but certainly not least, is the Balon Cloche. This piece is truly stunning – even on its own.  Trimmed in tin, the shape and size sets it apart from anything else I’ve seen.  


IMG_6534 (1)

IMG_6533 (1)


There are many many more gorgeous pieces on EtuHome’s online shop. I highly encourage you to pop over for a browse – you won’t be disappointed!

Wishing you all peace and love,





Fall 2016 Fashion – Navigating the Trends

Fall 2016 Fashion – Navigating the Trends

Fall 2016 fashion trends

With September comes fashion – September Vogue, runway shows and colder weather all contribute to our desire to think about our wardrobe. My favorite pieces this month ranged from classic to edgy and everything in between. Trying to find a common thread made me realize there is no longer ‘a look’ for that season. It’s become a pupu platter of options – colors, hem lengths, etc that allow us the pleasure of picking and choosing whatever we like. 

I thought Marc Jacobs’ collection was fantastic and filled with inspiration. While haute couture is not in my budget, nor could this look work in my world, there are some major take aways to be had — the high neck lace blouse, a blazer and high waisted pants, and those silver jeans…. 


On the flip side, another of my favorites is the neutral palette by Bottega Veneta. Layers of tone on tone with texture and drape doing the talking.

For Fall, the trends that I’m drawn to and will be incorperating into my wardrobe are:

1.  Combat boots & stacked heels.

2.  Merlot & red

3. Shorter skirt length

4. Military & camo

5. Metallic

Here are some looks that incorporate the trends above and I’ll be working into my own closet…. 


merlot pants














Happy October to you! 




The Kids are Back to School – Let’s grab coffee

The Kids are Back to School – Let’s grab coffee

Getting together for coffee with friends

It happens without warning. You go from counting down the days until school starts, doing a happy dance the minute you step into the quiet house after dropping your children off and attending the Parent Breakfast (which, sadly, I have missed due to scheduling conflicts for the past 5-6 years or more) to stepping into the quiet house, plopping down on the sofa that so recently had piles of kids on it and wishing for just a few more days of summer.  There's no gradual progression. No transitional period. So begins Lily's senior year of high school…Where did the time go?

The one silver lining with back-to-school week is catching up with friends over coffee. It's nice to think that this tradition can (and will) continue, even after the kids have left the nest. It got me thinking about coffee shops, having coffee with friends at home and all that goes with both… Here are some of my inspirations. 

Cool coffee shop

coffee shop










Product Sources (click for link):

1. Ceramic French Press

2. Cutting Board

3. Individual Sugar + Creamer Set

4. Brass Coffee Spoon

5. Graphite Linen Napkins

6. Coffee Mug

7. Linen French Press Cozy

8. Lazy Susan

9. Teapot with Leather + Copper Handle

At First Blush

At First Blush

Blush is my new favorite color

Hi.  I was working on this post when the horrendous situation in Orlando happened… the resounding message that rose from this act of hate is that love is love is love. If I had one super power it would be for every person on the planet to find their soul mate, be together forever in glorious heart pounding love and overcome any and all judgement or adversity. We all deserve that love. There is no other reason we are here. It's our birthright.



After this second spring bloom of the all white roses planted along my entry, one little bush has produced it's second consecutive crop of mostly white flowers with the slighted pink blush color on just a few petals… A sweet unexpected gift from mother nature 🙂



 It has influenced me. Blush is my new black…





Happy summer to you…



Wallpaper Love

Wallpaper Love

Examples of wallpaper in various rooms

Hi sweet people. Happy Friday to all of you. This is going to be a relatively quiet weekend for me. The highlight being my daughter Lily's prom or as I like to call it "Prom Drom" as in, short for drama. There's a whole lot more at play for girls regarding the prom – whoa. When Luke went (I think he went every year he was in high school…) all that was involved was renting his tuxedo and getting the girl a corsage. With girls, the preparation starts right after Christmas vacation. Suffice it to say, I will be happy when she comes back home well before her 10pm curfew, so we can all move on! If she lets me, I will post a photo of her and her date on the next post. Parents are invited to a pre-prom cocktail party at the home of one of the boys in the group she is going with. Should be fun…

So, wallpaper… It's a little controversial because it requires making a commitment that paint simply does not. You have to really like it, because it's a bold design statement that isn't easy to take down. In addition, it dictates the style direction of the other pieces in the room. Despite all that, wallpaper seems to be gaining in popularity these days and I must say I'm loving the gorgeous colors, textures and materials that are out there. Small spaces that don't involve furnishings are the best places for wallpaper. It in itself being the star of the show.







Still life's get me every time. This one is so incredibly stunning.


A fun way to add some interest to a room is to wallpaper the back of bookshelves. 


Kids rooms are another place that I've seen a trend in wallpaper emerging.


The color combination is so quirky, yet it totally works.



I love the idea of wallpapering the ceiling. If you didn't see it done, it would be daunting, but how sweet that the little one whose room this is can look up and see the birds?


How adorable is this bunny wallpaper with the little pink stars?


Happy weekend!






A beach cottage vacation

Hi you. As I type, I'm looking out at such a beautiful view! The window I am facing looks out at Marin County's majestic mountain – Mt. Tamalpais. If I squint and tilt my head I can block out the houses and pretend I'm away from civilization. I like the sound of that and am always inspired by women who venture off to find solitude or even travel to far away places all alone and call it an adventure. The reality is, I am just not wired up that way. I've tried – sort of – and perhaps shouldn't admit this publicly, but I really do prefer company. Not sure where I was going with this…  🙂 I actually thought I would post about creativity and inspiration. Then I got daydreaming…

So, if one day I get bitten by the solo adventure bug, it might look something like this…

A charming little shingled beach cottage in a quaint coastal town.


Covered in flowers.


With comfy furniture to read in and listen to the fire crackle. *Note to self: learn how to make a fire.


And a bright clean kitchen.


A small bathroom perhaps with shiplap.


Hearing the ocean from bed.


Morning tea here would be nice.


I'd do a lot of this.


And this.


Might even finally learn to surf!


Then I'd wash off here.


Dinner on the beach.


Or here.


Here's to daydreaming…




 ps – more beach house photos here 


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