Wallpaper Love

Wallpaper Love

Examples of wallpaper in various rooms

Hi sweet people. Happy Friday to all of you. This is going to be a relatively quiet weekend for me. The highlight being my daughter Lily's prom or as I like to call it "Prom Drom" as in, short for drama. There's a whole lot more at play for girls regarding the prom – whoa. When Luke went (I think he went every year he was in high school…) all that was involved was renting his tuxedo and getting the girl a corsage. With girls, the preparation starts right after Christmas vacation. Suffice it to say, I will be happy when she comes back home well before her 10pm curfew, so we can all move on! If she lets me, I will post a photo of her and her date on the next post. Parents are invited to a pre-prom cocktail party at the home of one of the boys in the group she is going with. Should be fun…

So, wallpaper… It's a little controversial because it requires making a commitment that paint simply does not. You have to really like it, because it's a bold design statement that isn't easy to take down. In addition, it dictates the style direction of the other pieces in the room. Despite all that, wallpaper seems to be gaining in popularity these days and I must say I'm loving the gorgeous colors, textures and materials that are out there. Small spaces that don't involve furnishings are the best places for wallpaper. It in itself being the star of the show.







Still life's get me every time. This one is so incredibly stunning.


A fun way to add some interest to a room is to wallpaper the back of bookshelves. 


Kids rooms are another place that I've seen a trend in wallpaper emerging.


The color combination is so quirky, yet it totally works.



I love the idea of wallpapering the ceiling. If you didn't see it done, it would be daunting, but how sweet that the little one whose room this is can look up and see the birds?


How adorable is this bunny wallpaper with the little pink stars?


Happy weekend!





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A beach cottage vacation

Hi you. As I type, I'm looking out at such a beautiful view! The window I am facing looks out at Marin County's majestic mountain – Mt. Tamalpais. If I squint and tilt my head I can block out the houses and pretend I'm away from civilization. I like the sound of that and am always inspired by women who venture off to find solitude or even travel to far away places all alone and call it an adventure. The reality is, I am just not wired up that way. I've tried – sort of – and perhaps shouldn't admit this publicly, but I really do prefer company. Not sure where I was going with this…  🙂 I actually thought I would post about creativity and inspiration. Then I got daydreaming…

So, if one day I get bitten by the solo adventure bug, it might look something like this…

A charming little shingled beach cottage in a quaint coastal town.


Covered in flowers.


With comfy furniture to read in and listen to the fire crackle. *Note to self: learn how to make a fire.


And a bright clean kitchen.


A small bathroom perhaps with shiplap.


Hearing the ocean from bed.


Morning tea here would be nice.


I'd do a lot of this.


And this.


Might even finally learn to surf!


Then I'd wash off here.


Dinner on the beach.


Or here.


Here's to daydreaming…




 ps – more beach house photos here 



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When Only A Dress Will Do – Spring Fashion

When Only A Dress Will Do – Spring Fashion

Spring 2016 dresses

Hi beautiful people. I hope this post finds you enjoying a lovely Spring + Easter weekend. I'm looking forward to getting away for some nice, long overdue downtime. One thing that makes me happy is going through my closet at the end of each season, making edits and thinking about what I would like to add to the mix. So here are some Spring pieces that I've been coveting lately…It's all about the dress.

There is no clothing option more supremely feminine than a dress. And as such, there are days when only a dress will do 🙂 In fact, I wear dresses or skirts to work on most days and almost always for special nights out.
As I was perusing my favorite online shops this week, and happy to see that dresses abound this season, I noticed a few trends:

  1. Patterns – this is a tough one for me. I rarely wear anything with a pattern. Other than a few plaid shirts, everything is solid. That said, there are some really beautiful options right now that are giving me second thoughts. 
  2. White –  An all white dress can sometimes be too stark. I'm intrigued by the interesting fabrics and styles this season that eliminate the plain, nurse-ish feel that can be an issue with all white.
  3. Lace & Cut-Outs - Love it. Girly with an edge.
  4. Off-the-shoulder – Obsessed.

Here are my fav's:




I The_Great_Matches















My absolute favorite (above). omg omg



Max Mara Dress (sold out)











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My Little Victorian Inn Project – and a special offer for you!

My Little Victorian Inn Project – and a special offer for you!

My wine country Inn project revealed and a special offer to readers.

For awhile now I’ve been working on a hotel project in Healdsburg; a quaint small town in the heart of Northern California’s wine country. It’s been a fairly slow moving process as the owners have several properties – other inns, wineries, etc. that all need attention at the same time. That being said, I go at their pace and tremendously enjoy watching the progress made even in baby steps. I have wanted to get you acquainted for some time. So, at long last, here is a place that is near and dear to me: The Grape Leaf Inn.

The first item on the renovation list was painting the exterior.


The next area we focused on was public spaces. We reconfigured the furnishings in these rooms to create a new reception area and dining room(s).

I had a custom table made for communal dining. The adjacent dining room also has custom tables of two. The tables are all the same length so if there is a large event, the tables could be lined up to create one long table for 28 guests. 


The modern variation of a windsor chair blends the traditional architecture and old fashioned charm of the original inn with a clean and current feel. They are from here.



The next phase included two brand new suites. A completely blank canvas which served as our design springboard for the rest of the 10 suites. The nightstand on the right side of the bed arrived broken. A new, matching one has since arrived.

An outdoor shower in this suite… 🙂



A private courtyard too.



There were additional tweaks made to each room after these photos were taken, as more accessories arrived, etc. 

I will continue to show photos periodically of the progress. In the meantime, Grape Leaf Inn has generously offered FarmHouseUrban readers a special rate of 25% off! Just email  reservations@wilsonartisanwines.com or call 707-395-0929 and mention “FarmHouseUrban special rate” and you will get your discount!

The inn is located about two blocks from the center square in downtown Healdsburg. The surrounding area is breathtakingly beautiful wine country! 

For more information about Grape Leaf Inn, click here.

Have a wonderful weekend!




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Weekend Recap – Girlfriends Weekend in Wine Country

Weekend Recap – Girlfriends Weekend in Wine Country

A girls get-away weekend celebrating a birthday in wine country

Well hi to you… I'm in the midst of a super exhilarating work whirlwind at the moment! As such, I have BIG news that I'm excited to share with you – my dear readers – in the next week or so, so please stay tuned! I hope you had a wonderful weekend… I spent it with a group of girlfriends at this magical place celebrating a birthday among us.

We didn't leave this spot very much…

The birthday girl (right) and me checking out the pool. I'm very fortunate to have been here before, not for an overnight, but spent the day at the pool a couple of times with out of towners who were guests. I think cannon balls might have taken place…No cannon balls took place this time.

On my way home I decided to stop for a snack here. Then I took a little stroll down the street and ended up at a place I have wanted to check out for a long time – Ma(i)sonry in Yountville. Part art gallery, part wine tasting establishment, and now partnering with Restoration Hardware, it is quite a sight to behold! I am still not 100% sure what the partnership exactly entails despite having had it explained to me 3-4 times. But there were lots of phrases used like 'bought our concept' and 'shared experiences' and 'we will continue to own this, but they will own this too' … Anyway, here are some photos I took..


Isn't this little guy cute??

All of the pieces you see in the photos are for sale. If interested, please click here.


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Summer lovin’ and postcards from Cape Cod…

Summer lovin’ and postcards from Cape Cod…

Postcards from a few days on Cape Cod.

Hi sweet readers. I hope this first week of August finds you soaking up the sunshine, going barefoot whenever possible and enjoying the last of our beautiful late sunsets… We have one month to go, and I, for one plan to make it the most of it!

I was in Cape Cod for a few days…  Is there nothing more quintessentially summer than East Coast beach towns?

Here are just a few snaps.

Spotting this color burst was like that feeling you got when you were a kid and you opened a box of crayons for the first time. 

I was intrigued by the simple design of the front of this building and the modern take on a traditional Cape Cod structure. The barn door covering the glass doors in particular. Since it's the office of an architect, I naturally had to check out her work…omg…







I heart nooks! What a yummy spot to curl up in for a nap or with a good book.

The above 6 photos are from the portfolio of architect Jill Neibauer. For more info and images click here.

This house is in Provincetown and while I was taking these two photos, a local explained to me that there were five fire stations built like this around town. They have all been sold and converted to homes. I saw a few more as we were leaving, but this one with the fire truck space converted to a porch was my fav. 

 This post could also be called 'Hydrangeas and Blue Doors' but that's kind of boring.

 I wish I had taken pictures of the lobster rolls we shared at The Canteen. There are two varieties – cold with mayo and celery and hot with warm butter on toasted bread an inch thick. Best. Sandwich. Ever. Or as they say there 'Evah'. Here are some from their website.


The clam chowder was delicious too.


On an unrelated note, a thank you to Barn Light Electric for their blog post about a recent project I did in Glen Ellen, CA (see photos below). You can read about it here.


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