Super cool vintage kaftan

Super cool vintage kaftan

I've been on a major vintage scouting binge lately (more on that coming shortly…)  Normally I skip over the clothing booths, but this time something caught my eye and I knew I had to have it.


To me, this is the Hampton's circa 1969.


Love the sleeves. One pocket.


The fabric is so frickin' cool I'm tempted to make it into pillows…


It's a size 6, which is a joke because I could barely zip it. It's going on the shop website when it goes live in two weeks, so if you're interested before that, email me.


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colors on the cusp: gray + lilac

colors on the cusp: gray + lilac

It's a beautiful thing when colors collide creating something completely ambiguous…

Gray + lilac - Vincente Wolf via HB

Vincente Wolf via House Beautiful

Blurring the lines and softening the edges.  

Bella Donna paint by CB2

My current favorite mash-up is gray and lilac.

Gray+Lilac Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Gray + Lilac - Phoebe Howard

Phoebe Howard

I don't often remember or even know where the seed that started the inspiration flower to bloom originated from, but this time I'm absolutely certain it was from the room below.

Elle-decor_05-550x709 - canvas:ochre apt

It's the nyc apartment of Canvas Home and Ochre owners Harriet Maxwell Macdonald and Andrew Corrie featured in Elle Decor almost two years ago.  It was the first time I recall seeing this sexy combination in a living room.

As a matter of fact, I've stared at this photo so often, I think I've memorized every detail.   

The bulletin board in my studio…IMG_4295


A vignette in the shop in gray + lilac + silver.




Have a wonderful Sunday and i'll see you at Alameda tomorrow!


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The week in review

The week in review


Wow, sorry for the radio silence.  It's been far too long since the last post and I feel way out of touch. Needless to say, things are hoppin' around here.  We (as in me and my new Assistant; Margaret who is AWESOME!!!) are busy getting the store Spring-ified, sourcing and designing the debut collection for the FarmHouseUrban Home Store online, working on several hefty design projects and… dare I say itour house plans are…no, actually I won't.  I look forward to sharing all the details in the upcoming days and weeks, so please stay close by! If you care to subscribe to FarmHouseUrban and recieve every post in either your reader or inbox, you can do so by putting your email address in the box to the right.  ——————————————>

Make sure to complete the process by opening the confirmation email that will arrive shorty thereafter. 

Anyway, onto the week's recap…

Despite the winter-like weather we had last weekend, our first seasonal market was a success!  A huge thank you to Jennifer of Sweet Life Bakery who provided a most delicious spread of breakfast pastries, artisan breads, cookies and cupcakes and the BEST almond croissant I have ever had this side of the Atlantic. 




My idea with the seasonal markets is to not only offer substantial discounts on items from the previous season, but also throw in some fun things that reflect the current season. So in keeping with the Spring theme, we set up a flower stand with fresh blooms for self-serve flower arranging.  I think just about everyone took home a big fat Spring bouquet!


IMG_4253Vintage pieces I've picked up at estate sales or antique fairs always seem to be the first to go. There are still a few pieces left, so I thought I'd share them with you. We ship anywhere in the US and Canada!


Red Wing urn. I believe it was a milk jug, but the seller had no knowledge of it's history. I originally thought I'd have it made into a lamp – wouldn't that be cool? But I love how the Cherry Blossom branches look in it, so I think I'll leave it as is.  These American made crocks look fantastic in a group or collection. Very FarmHouseUrban! Price $150.



Set of 8 vintage French linen napkins monogrammed with the initials "DH" or "HD". They are softened to perfection, creamy white and are absolutely lovely.  Price $50.

Blue Mason jars.  These are old! The date on one says November 30, 1858. Price $65 ea.


These old zinc buckets are from the Europe container sale that I went to a few weeks ago.  The small one sold, but the large and medium are still available! There are so many possible uses for these… They'd be great for kindling next to the fireplace, storage for rolled up towels in the bathroom, or a recepticle for cleaning products in the laundry room. Price $60 for the large and $50 for the medium.


Vintage ginger beer bottles from England.  I picked up a bunch of these awhile ago – I believe at Alameda.  The color combination is perfection. I have these two left.  As I took the picture I was thinking they would make great candle holders for an outside dining table. Picturing them with dark turquoise candles. mmm. Price $8/ea.

One of the highlights of the day was a visit from my BFF Cristine (the fashionista who I've been friends with for 20 years, who moved to St. Helena 2 years ago from Europe, whom I blog about often).  She brought her friend Heidi Godoff – my new friend too – who is also the designer/creator of the BFF bags that I blogged about here.  If Heidi's name sounds familiar, you may have read about her on the Remodelista blog.  She was one of the vendors for the Remodelista Market's in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Heidi has a blog and kindly wrote about her visit to the store. To read Heidi's blog click here.  Thank goodness I happened to be wearing my BFF bag (made and designed by Heidi) that day!

Have a fabulous Monday everybody! The sunshine's shining here – yay!


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Art breaks

Art breaks

It's been a crazy week with several projects in the hopper all requiring creative attention at the same time. I get overloaded when I have to switch gears too much in a short period of time. Getting lost in a mini art break really helps me reboot.

I recently discovered an incredible blog of American art. It is so well curated with paintings from present day to over a century old, you could spend hours falling into it.  Grab a cup of tea and take a look –

History Lesson - Bo BartlettBo Bartlett

Who-will-he-ask - Amos Sewell
 Amos Sewell

Small_Retread Fred's - Andrew Wyeth
Andrew Wyeth

Another favorite art escape is Etsy.  Most of you are probably familiar with this website that sells only handmade items individually listed by the artist, but if you've never visited, you're in for a real treat. My favorite way to explore Etsy is to keep the search as narrow as possible.  These came up when I searched for "original watercolors".

Watercolor - Juri Romanov

Juri Romanov 

Watercolor - Louise van Terheljden
Louise van Terheljden

Watercolor - dear pumpernickel
Dear Pumpernickel


Recently, I met with a new client and stopped in my tracks at a painting in his living room by one of my all time favorite artists – Tony Scherman.  The painting was a black still life that looked similar to this one.

Tony scherman

Sometimes great art (as in art you love) can be found in completely unexpected places. Today my son and his jazz trio had a 'gig'  at an art show/reception for the winners of a high school art competition.  

Jazz trio

Redwood High School jazz trio – my son Luke on bass guitar 🙂

The art on display was very impressive especially considering the artists are all in high school. 

Art1 Art2Art3

Art5Art4- marin art school winner
This one won best overall.  Digital illustration with ink. I encourage you to click on it to enlarge. I adore it, and fortunately it was for sale! 

I've been on the lookout for local artists for the store lately and have a few great ones targeted. If you know of one (or are one!) please contact me.

In the meantime, I have only one painting left in the store!  It happens to be my favorite – 'Silver Lining' by Seattle artist Bryan McGuffey.  It was slightly hidden in a corner, so I'm posting it for anyone who might be interested. Price is $2,800 and measures 36" x 36".  We ship anywhere.


Happy start to a new week and hope it includes an art break or two!


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New York International Gift Fair: Part Two

New York International Gift Fair: Part Two

There were so many lighting options that I was looking up almost as much as down. This was one of my favorites. I like the industrial chic + wine barrel look.

Nyigf 1:12- barrel fixture

This amber glass lamp with matching hurricanes is even more beautiful in person. I love this color with dark grey.

Nyigf 2:12 - amber glass lamp

Not the best photo, but I wanted to remind myself of the broad spectrum this line carries.  If there was only one booth I could buy from at the whole show, it would have been this one. I just wish they would respond to my inquiry!  

Nyigf 2:12 inlay chest

Nyigf 2:12 - black:white inlay chest

Walking through the aisles, the opportunities to be inspired are endless.  These batik fabrics didn't just catch my eye for their beauty, but the knotted display got me thinking about ways to hang fabric samples in the studio.

Nyigf 2:12 - blue batik fabricWhen I saw these denim and chambray pillows at the Pinecone Hill booth, I immediately pictured them on a white slipcovered sofa or a gauzy bed and was transported to a beach house in the summertime.

Nyigf 2:12 - denim pillows

A trend that was apparent in many collections, was jute accessories. 
Nyigf 2:12 - jute balls

I really like this jute mirror, but don't have a place or client for it. Debating whether or not…

Nyigf 2:12 - jute mirror

These baskets made of rubber tubing are great for bathrooms or outdoor areas. 

Nyigf 2:12 - rubber tube baskets

Saving the best for last… simply perfect in scale and proportion.  Coming soon to a store in Marin!

Nyigf 2:12 - settee

Have a great long weekend! 


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