Shopping Heaven – Roberta Roller Rabbit

Shopping Heaven – Roberta Roller Rabbit

Well hi you… Long time since last post, I know. Besides being incredibly busy at work (LOVE-ing my current projects!), this past month I've been biting my nails as the college letters arrived on a daily basis. I am thrilled to announce that our son Luke has made his decision and will be attending George Washington University this fall!! We are so proud and excited to watch him embark on this new adventure! Although he will be very far from home, I am happy he'll have the experience of living on the East Coast!

Luke & Ian - prom 2014

This was taken at the pre-prom party. It's of Luke (right) and his best friend, Ian who is my like my son from another mother. I really like Luke's tux which he picked out himself without suggestions from Lily or me. I did add that a nice colorful hankerchief might have been fun, but he preferred the white one.

Our daughter Lily who is a freshman in high school, just finished her first season of high school soccer, which has ALOT more parent involvement than her previous teams… just sayin. Their team finished #2 in their division! This was her favorite team ever and a an absolute joy to watch.

Add graduation preparation and booking summer reservations for camps and vacations, and it has been one heck of a busy month!

I've been meaning to do a post about one of my favorite stores – Roberta Roller Rabbit – for some time. In fact, I took these pictures last year when the store near me first opened. The merchandise is bright and splashy, with bold colors. Everything about it reminds me of the Hamptons. Take a look and come on summer!

I love the stencilling on all the displays and the walls. Such a great idea for kids' rooms with Ikea furniture!

The caftan, sundress and beach cover-up selection is the best! They even have a frequent buyer punch card, just like when you get frozen yogurt! Here are my two from last year.

I hope you are able to visit a Roberta Roller Rabbit store in person! In the meantime, check out the website here.


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exciting news and the coolest new place for all things vintage!

exciting news and the coolest new place for all things vintage!

I've been sooo excited to tell you all about this, and now the time has come!!!

A few months ago I was contacted by a person I had never met about a new business she and her husband (and a host of others) were creating.  She described it as a marketplace for all things vintage – cars, jewelry, clothing, homes (yes homes!) and of course, home furnishings.  They were selecting "Style Makers" who each had a certain look and style, to showcase their wares under individual storefronts on the website.  At first, I didn't think it sounded like the right fit – I pictured a giant virtual flea market – or worse – a garage sale!  After a few phone meetings, and emails I soon realized that was not the case.  Far from it.  Second Shout Out was created to for the hip consumer who has an appreciation for the finer things that have timeless beauty and permanence. 

The site just went live, but the official launch is not until mid-September.  

Please hop over to spend some time and peruse all the wonderful treasures on Second Shout Out and let me know what you think!

Vintage Marketplace


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Shopping Heaven – Unionmade

Shopping Heaven – Unionmade

This one's for the boys…

But the store's look is so darn fab, I think ladies will like it too. 

Incidentally, my husband got me a fantastic new camera lens, however my photos suck with it… Old one will be back for next time…











If I were to pick out an outfit. Oh yeah, I just rememberedI've been schooled by my 16 year old son that boys/men don't wear 'outfits'. So if you have a teenage boy, don't say for example, "Good morning honey, I really like your outfit!" it will backfire. 

Anyway, if I were to pick out what I like on a man, it would look something like these:


Billy Reid Heirloom James shirt in Brown

Sleeves rolled up to the elbow. Top snap open. Untucked.

Bladen Indigo Twill Rinse Straight Leg
1930's Leather Jacket in Black


Crewneck t in marine


Levi's 519 Bedford pant in Brindle

Levi's. Enough said.

3 eye Chukka in Arabica Oiled Suede

There are several Unionmade locations in California:

Unionmade locations

The items above are from their website. To be taken there, click here.


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Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Well here it is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday! and I'm just getting to last weekend's recap! It's been an incredibly busy weekend week – one might say too much – but it's over almost over now as are all the other most of the end of year deadlines, so let the holidays begin! 

Saturday was the Remodelista Market in Marin. We started off the day with breakfast at the best bakery in Marin – Rustic Bakery (read my post about them here). 

Rustic w friends
Then we headed to the Market…


The first booth we visited was BFF bags by Heidi Baron Godoff.  I hinted in my last post about an order I recently placed with a vendor participating in the Remodelista Market, and this is the one!  I was introduced to Heidi by my St. Helena BFF Cristine, who happens to live next door to her.  A former accessories buyer for Barney's and fashion editor for the now defunct Mirabella magazine; Heidi knows a thing or two about what is hip and current in the fashion world. Each bag is hand knit then washed and shrunken to create a one-of-a-kind, truly special piece.

So a couple of weeks ago, I spent a decadent afternoon with these two lovely ladies in front of Heidi's fireplace, sipping wine and playing with her gorgeous felted wool creations.  I picked the pattern of the weekender since it reminded me of the Hudson Bay blankets that I love. It will be in the hobo style of the "Heidi".


Here's my friend Cristine manning Heidi's booth while she took a quick break. I realized after I got home that I didn't get one of Heidi!  Sorry Heidi!  I was waiting to take a group picture with a few others, but it never happened!

For info on BFF bags and how to order your very own, click here.


Graphic designer Wendy Furman created many unique pieces for the home as well as great gifts.



I picked up several of these fun wine bags. It's a festive way to present a bottle of wine to the host/hostess, especially when there are multiple guests also bringing wine.


These hefty ceramic trays are awesome aren't they?  They come in 3 sizes – 17" – 23" and are made by Richard Carter Studio.



White bowls. Enough said. By Pope Valley Pottery.


Delicious jams, conserves and spreads by June Taylor in Berkeley.  


I bought a jar of the Fig, Port and Thyme Conserve which June told me is great on sandwiches.  I think I'll also try it as appetizer with gorgonzola on toasted baguette slices.


Have these popcorn confections reached a gourmet market near you yet?  Be on the lookout, but be forewarned they are addictive!  CC Made comes in Spiced Almond and Pistachio. 


I bought a couple of these tubes for my kids' stockings.  Good thing they don't read my blog!


On Sunday, professional photos were taken of a condo I recently finished in Sausalito. It was a wonderful experience working with this client who moved to the Bay Area a little less than a year ago from another state, leaving all of her belongings in her other home.  She wanted a fresh start.  Her style preference is mid-century modern, which was a step outside my comfort zone, but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot about this era. We started with a pretty blah apartment (carpet, window coverings, paint color, etc were set already with stock apartment grade …) but the view and natural light are amazing.

Most of the day was spent arranging and rearranging accessories brought in for the shoot. I'm sure most designers and decorators would agree, there is really never a 'completely finished' moment with design projects.  When a client's home is photographed it provides an opportunity to bring certain items to the space that are what the designer feels are best, and not necessarily what the client has signed off on. More often than not, the clients decide to keep the items and the feeling of being truly finished is achieved. 



I will share the photos when I get them in January!




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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

I can't believe how fast this week has flown by! I had intended to do a last New York post, but uploading all the photos has taken longer than I anticipated, so it'll come in the next few days.  

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to attending the Remodelista Holiday Market here in Marin on Saturday!   If you're nearby, find an hour or so to stop by. The Remodelista gals gathered a fantastic assortment of local vendors for your holiday shopping pleasure. The location in new Marin Country Mart makes it easy to get to if you're in SF – right across the street from the ferry. 

I'm particularly excited about one vendor who I've already placed an order with and am anxiously awaiting my ….. Hint, it's one of the photos below! 

Remodelista marin market

I'm also looking forward to Sunday when the long awaited photo shoot of the mod-squad Sausalito condo I have been working on for the past 8 months takes place!  I've been running all over town gathering accessories, floral items and all the little details that will fill out the rooms.  I'm thrilled and excited to be working with photographer Sean Dagen who shoots the Serena & Lily catalog (no relation to me and my daughter Lily, but for the record we were here first 🙂

I will share photos of both the Remodelista event as well as behind-the-scenes of the photo shoot next week, so stay tuned!  

One last thing to put on the calendar…  Glassybaby will be in San Francisco!!!  



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New York City Visit: Windows and Doors

New York City Visit: Windows and Doors

I had one day on my own, which I spent exploring the Chelsea galleries looking for some art for a San Francisco client. Along the way, marveling at all the unique entrances and how they each tell a different story about what's inside…


Wood and brass


Entrance to Comme des Garcons

It was a cold day, but the sun was out – the ideal weather for walking in nyc.  What I found as I went from the bustling, crowded, zooming, honking, windy streets to the serene, quiet, calm of these galleries was that the back and forth of these two extremes had an incredibly relaxing effect.  

Billy's bakery

Perfectly frosted cupcakes at Billy's Bakery, luring in passers by.

Dammit doll

Some store had this in the window.  So funny. Loved that they used taxi fabric. I could have used one of these the next day when I couldn't catch a cab downtown to save my …life. Apparently, they were avoiding the Javitts Center while the marathoners were picking up their packets. Mass chaos, but it was inspiring to see all the runners. Got me considering perhaps giving it a whirl again next year… I said perhaps.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our apartment was in a great location, especially for discovering new shops.  I highly recommend visiting Gracious Home.  There are three Manhattan locations. Gracious Home has got absolutely everything from Frette sheets to toasters, Swarovski crystal chandeliers to sandpaper.  It takes up two opposite corners and each store is jam packed with beautiful things.

Gracious home

From one day to the next, the windows went from fall to holiday.

Xmas window - gracious home

A little walk through the store.

Mirror - gracious home

Lamps - gracious home

Love these sheets!



Bed2 - gracious home

I still have a couple more posts for you from nyc – Food and Brooklyn. 



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