Bathroom Styling and My New Favorite Design Book

Bathroom Styling and My New Favorite Design Book

Highlights from the new book, “The Perfect Bath” by Waterworks Co-Founder, Barbara Sallick

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to my lackluster bathroom vanity and how to make it pretty while keeping it free of clutter. Do you share this quandary? As I've said many times, when I need inspiration, or just want to free fall into a creative flow Pinterest is where I go. So, for the past couple of weeks I've been saving beautifully styled bathroom images here and here. Just a few…




As luck – or serendipity – would have it, as I was pouring over bathroom images, a gorgeous design book on bathrooms arrived in the mail from the publisher! The book isn't just 'A' book about bathrooms. It's written by The Bathroom Goddess herself – Barbara Sallick, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Design for Waterworks. Let me preface my fussing and fawning by saying that I would never promote anything that I haven't personally experienced and/or seen and that I didn't adore. I adore this book. It is chock full of images all of which are absolutely breathtaking. The chapters are organized in such a way that if you are using it to help you design, you can plunge right in to those tips and resources. If eye candy and a little lift with your afternoon tea, is more your speed, you can have that too.


© The Perfect Bath by Barbara Sallick, Rizzoli New York, 2016.


Collins bath



PerfectBath_back cover img

If you are looking for things to put on your holiday wish list, I highly recommend "The Perfect Bath". To purchase, click here.

As I contemplate my bathroom, I will be spending time considering the beautful bath accessories found at Waterworks.  

More interior inspiration to come…




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The Kids are Back to School – Let’s grab coffee

The Kids are Back to School – Let’s grab coffee

Getting together for coffee with friends

It happens without warning. You go from counting down the days until school starts, doing a happy dance the minute you step into the quiet house after dropping your children off and attending the Parent Breakfast (which, sadly, I have missed due to scheduling conflicts for the past 5-6 years or more) to stepping into the quiet house, plopping down on the sofa that so recently had piles of kids on it and wishing for just a few more days of summer.  There's no gradual progression. No transitional period. So begins Lily's senior year of high school…Where did the time go?

The one silver lining with back-to-school week is catching up with friends over coffee. It's nice to think that this tradition can (and will) continue, even after the kids have left the nest. It got me thinking about coffee shops, having coffee with friends at home and all that goes with both… Here are some of my inspirations. 

Cool coffee shop

coffee shop










Product Sources (click for link):

1. Ceramic French Press

2. Cutting Board

3. Individual Sugar + Creamer Set

4. Brass Coffee Spoon

5. Graphite Linen Napkins

6. Coffee Mug

7. Linen French Press Cozy

8. Lazy Susan

9. Teapot with Leather + Copper Handle


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Sunday Blues

Sunday Blues

Playing Dorothy Moore’s Misty Blue on Sunday night

I've been listening to a new Pandora station lately – Lauryn Hill Radio.  It gets confusing, sorting out all of the music choices out there – Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, etc. I don't really get what makes one better than the other or how they differ, so I just stick to the one I know. The music on Lauryn Hill Radio is a mix of present day artists as well as oldies, but it's all Rhythm & Blues.  I heard "Misty Blue" by Dorothy Moore for the first time tonight. What a beautiful song. I'm a sucker for soulful ballads that stir emotions…But then again, it's Sunday night, so maybe that's why….


Oh, it's been such a long, long time

Looks like I can get you off my mind

Oh, but I can't

Just the thought of you,

Turns my whole world

A misty blue.

That it does.

Right after I heard this song tonight, I watched a show on Netflix and it played during the credits… I love coincidences.

Here are some misty blues for you's 🙂


















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The past couple of weeks in review

The past couple of weeks in review

Highlights from the ICFF 2016 trade show

 Hi you. I'll let the photos do the talking. I've missed you.



The Rihanna Concert was amazing.


My sweet Lily and her prom date Will. It was drama free I'm happy to report.

Prom 2016

My Mother's Day gifts. 

They know me so well.


 Bonus gift – Luke was home for a week over Mother's Day!

I was in New York recently for a work meeting and attended the ICFF trade show which coincided with Design Week. It was fantastic. Here are some of my favorite new discoveries. Please leave a comment below if you would like the vendor information on a particular piece and I'll reply in the comments. Thank you 🙂


It's hard to see, but this lighting company offers several unusual finishes (like rust – real rust) and the option to use multiple in one fixture which I thought was really cool.


 These outdoor, fully weatherproof chairs are the bomb! Beach house owners – these are for you!


 From the same company – these beanbag benches for around a fire pit are also great. Iron_sconce_ICFF

I really, really like that sconce on the left… Great design. All the pieces from this French lighting company are terrific.



This floating bathroom vanity is sleek and modern with no pulls, open cabinetry and a sink + countertop made of one piece. At the same time, the wood frame keeps it from being austere and cold. Stunning.


If you can take your eyes away from the faucet, notice the drain. It's on the outer edge of the sink bottom.


This is colored moss. Hear me out. This is not like the fake flowers of yesteryear. It's not meant to look real and living. The first thing I thought of when I saw it, is how cool a giant logo on an office wall would look. The moss can be made into any shape, pattern, and color way you can think of. Like a big crayon box for adults.


This well know tabletop company, introduced a new collection of pieces made of cork. 



I loved these vintage concert posters made into art pieces. 


Lions and tigers and chairs.




Happy Wednesday! 


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Wallpaper Love

Wallpaper Love

Examples of wallpaper in various rooms

Hi sweet people. Happy Friday to all of you. This is going to be a relatively quiet weekend for me. The highlight being my daughter Lily's prom or as I like to call it "Prom Drom" as in, short for drama. There's a whole lot more at play for girls regarding the prom – whoa. When Luke went (I think he went every year he was in high school…) all that was involved was renting his tuxedo and getting the girl a corsage. With girls, the preparation starts right after Christmas vacation. Suffice it to say, I will be happy when she comes back home well before her 10pm curfew, so we can all move on! If she lets me, I will post a photo of her and her date on the next post. Parents are invited to a pre-prom cocktail party at the home of one of the boys in the group she is going with. Should be fun…

So, wallpaper… It's a little controversial because it requires making a commitment that paint simply does not. You have to really like it, because it's a bold design statement that isn't easy to take down. In addition, it dictates the style direction of the other pieces in the room. Despite all that, wallpaper seems to be gaining in popularity these days and I must say I'm loving the gorgeous colors, textures and materials that are out there. Small spaces that don't involve furnishings are the best places for wallpaper. It in itself being the star of the show.







Still life's get me every time. This one is so incredibly stunning.


A fun way to add some interest to a room is to wallpaper the back of bookshelves. 


Kids rooms are another place that I've seen a trend in wallpaper emerging.


The color combination is so quirky, yet it totally works.



I love the idea of wallpapering the ceiling. If you didn't see it done, it would be daunting, but how sweet that the little one whose room this is can look up and see the birds?


How adorable is this bunny wallpaper with the little pink stars?


Happy weekend!





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Rooms and furniture in Sepia tones

Hi you.  Normally I remember every anniversary or special date, but my six year blog anniversary came and went in early January and I completely forgot to mention it. So thank you all for brightening my days with your emails and comments letting me know you're there and reading. I cannot tell you how much it touches my heart to hear from you. 



What is it about faded colors that is so appealing? I like when they crash into one another and the colors that emerge are ambiguous and don't have a name. Case in point, the end-of-summer hydrangea. The once vibrant pinks and blues meld and purples and paler shades take over. Faded jeans that are white in places and indigo in others are another example. I love that. So, it makes sense that I've been noticing shades of sepia – or that's what I'm calling it – in interiors.  I'm drawn to the barely-there ,warm, weathered around the edge-ness of it all.












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