Art follow-up

Art follow-up

First off, I want to thank the artists who emailed me. I was in heaven seeing your work and wish I could post examples of all! There are two, however that I would like to share today.

Maybe because the Spring Equinox is Tuesday and garden dreams have been filling my head lately…


These powder coated metal trellises, made in California by Terra Trellis really appeal to me.  The one above is perfect for small gardens or patios, but they also offer a full range of styles and sizes.  If you are in need of something to brighten or camouflage a bland garden wall, look no further. There are 7 color options to choose from!  I love the clean modern style.

Greystone Mansion

For info on Terra Trellis click here.

I also received an email from artist Bo Bartlett's people (for lack of a better word) with this video of him walking through his childhood home in Georgia, which he still occupies part-time.  I find it fascinating to see where artists create, especially one of his calibar. 

When I put the previous post together, I wanted to include American Artists from three different time periods, but with so many options listed on this blog – in no chronological order – I had to go with ones I knew and liked. After I received the email, I found out that Bo was a protege of Andrew Wyeth who happened to be one of the three I chose…  Coincidence? Maybe, but lately that sort of thing has happened quite a bit. Have to wonder if what we like, things we gravitate towards, no matter how disparate they might appear, aren't all connected?

Triumph-of-Romance_home2 Bo Bartlett


 Since the video also shows Bo's wife – Betsy Eby – an accomplished artist in her own right, I thought you might enjoy seeing her work as well (there is a painting of hers in the background when she's speaking in the video too).  I'm still kicking myself for not buying one of her paintings when she was an emerging artist in Seattle many moons ago when they were (somewhat) affordable! 

2012-Grieg's-Butterfly - Betsy Eby

For info on Bo Bartlett click here.

For info on Betsy Eby click here.

My Italy inspired garden

My Italy inspired garden

Late last spring when everything was blooming in the gardens and yards around our home, I longed for a small, pretty space to occasionally 'escape' to with my cup of tea. Since we are gutting everything for the house remodel, it didn't make a whole lot of sense to do anything big. My husband and I like to stick to a 'master plan', but the romantic in me envisioned something like this…


This little spot was off to the side of the Villa we stayed in in Tuscany a couple of years ago.

So, our gardener Eswin and I hatched a plan.  If he worked on the space g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y…


It would just kind of evolve…



The table and chairs were an Alameda find, we had the bench, the pots are from Home Depot and the boxwood were in a garden bed that is going to be torn out, so Eswin moved them for me.

A perfect Saturday afternoon presented itself – sunshine after a week of storms, no kid's sports, everyone at home puttering around. I'll just take my tea down to the garden for a minute of quiet…


Until Violet the cat followed me…


And then little miss sporty spice followed…


And of course, where there's a ball, Penny's never far behind…


And then my husband saw us all down there and thought we'd like to have the leaves blown away…


I hope that you're having a relaxing weekend too!

Wicker Love

Wicker Love

I'm always on the lookout for old wicker. When I go to Alameda, a flea market or an estate sale, I am drawn to chippy and weathered old wicker baskets, suitcases and furniture. A couple of months ago, I went to an estate sale and bought this funky cool setee.


Knowing nothing about it's history I did some digging, but since I didn't know what to call it or what it's made of, I had no luck. Then one day, while I was knee deep in an unrelated search for bathtub styles, I stumbled onto this photo from high-end antique store on the east coast. A clue! Was my settee the sister separated at birth from her siblings who now live a swanky life in the Hamptons? I left a message, but never got a return call. At least seeing the exact matching pieces confirmed my hope that the piece was probably worth the investment to repair and repaint it. 

Stick wicker set

Eventually, I contacted a 'wicker expert' who told me that not only did mine probably come from a "Chinese Walmart", but so did the pieces from the high end antique store… hmmm. Not sure what to believe, but regardless I still love it. I'd like to pile it with some John Robshaw pillows for a little boho garden spot I'm creating in the corner of our yard. Will let you know how that develops… The moral of the story – buy what you love.

John robshaw pillows via matters of style


John Robshaw pillows and quilts

Martha Stewart painted her antique wicker gray and with the pink walls of her bedroom (in one of her homes – don't know which??) created a very feminine and vintage look.

Martha stewart

Martha stewart2


Martha stewart3

This room by Phoebe Howard is in several inspiration files of mine – the beams, the floor and the light fixture and of course, the wicker chair. I always like to add one unique chair to a room.  I love symmetry too (and realized how much after the recent post on Cote de Texas), but I find that adding one unique piece to an otherwise balanced room takes it to another level.

Poolhouse-phoebehoward via cococozy
Phoebe Howard

Atrium white + wicker - HB


Versaggi Const

Versaggi Construction

Outdoor wicker - kirby mears via cotedetexas

Kirby Mears via Cote de Texas

Wicker chair -cat power- femme finery 

Modern+wicker - richard shapiro -arch digest


Outdoor room - richard shapiro-arch digest

Remodelista -montauk-surf-lodge-patio-2

Light fixture - met home

I adore the hanging wicker lamps in the above photos.  Last fall, I bought the Ikea version to hang in the store. Recently I took it out of storage to try hanging outside with the settee, but felt it needed a little stripe or two first.  IMG_2777

I was planning on adding a wide navy stripe at the bottom, but I kinda like it just white and cream…  Plus the hardware store didn't have navy spray paint. I measured 10" all around then taped a garbage bag over the top and sprayed it with a flat white.  

See the navy and white stripe on the beach chairs above?  That's the look I was going for with the light fixture. I think I'll get navy spray paint tomorrow for a little weekend project.


For new wicker-like outdoor furniture – nobody does it like Janus et Cie.

Janusetcie -apartment therapy

Janusetcie -apartment therapy-2

Janus et Cie outdoor living room

Janus et Cie armchair

At a more comfortable price point, Cost Plus has some great options that can be purchased online.  My favorite is the Laguna chair (on sale right now for $116!).

Cost plus - Laguna chair

I have a few other projects to tackle this weekend – our first with no sports since last August! Happy Friday!



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