Things I’m Digging – End of Summer 2015

Things I’m Digging – End of Summer 2015

End of summer favorite things

Hi beautiful people. Does this time of year – the end of August – feel to you as it does to me, like the more appropriate beginning of the year? For years, I relied on a paper calendar notebook (remember those?) that went from August – August. I loved it. I also used to find the arrival of summer to be such a thud of an interruption to the strategically planned and firmly set routines of the school year. It was the shifting of gears, not summer itself that I had to acclimate to. I actually felt a giddy lift on the first day of school (yes, I'm admitting it). Now, the lines of summer to fall are blurry. And of course, I miss the school supply shopping, new binders, pencils and colorful eraser tips… The first day of school outfits are not as big a deal and, there is no more dropping off and watching the carefully packed backpack blend into the sea of backpacks. Ok, I'm gonna stop… Just reminiscing. New chapters are not bad, kids get older and independence raises the bar for bigger opportunities, responsibilities and and sense of pride for all. So, now that I've digressed, here are a few things that keep the summer spirit alive. At least until the first leaf starts to turn…


When I saw this in a window of a sunglass store, I stopped in my tracks. Talk about a throwback…


Their cool factor is just as big as it was back in the day. Factor.



Baby Lips

I discovered this lip balm a few months ago and have become addicted to it. I keep a tube in my car, gym bag, night stand and purse. The texture is what makes it so great – part Chapstick and part Vaseline, but more Vaseline-y. Plus it is SPF 20!!! 


Salua lingerie

I was in Seattle this past weekend and a friend told me about this local shop with a bespoke line of lingerie and bathing suits. I especially fell in love with the beautiful assortment of white cotton pieces. The fabric was incredibly soft while crisp too. Just perfect for Indian summer nights. I didn't buy any on this trip, but before I left I made sure to confirm that everything is available on their website!




You know what they are but perhaps didn't know the name. Another French company in the diggin list this time… The line of great outdoor chairs extends well past the traditional Bistro and in more colors than you have fingers and toes.


A pair of these under a tree, just begs for an Aperol and Proseco spritzer and great conversation…


Nautical Canvas Duffles

I would love to have a beach house one day. Whenever I see something that I would buy for that house, I save the image. Often to my Pinterest board here. These duffles are just the thing I would have several of hanging around the house. Whether they get used for laundry or beach bags or whatever, I think they're just so cute.



Happy mid-week to you!



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That 70’s Look and Sneakers – Spring Fashion Inspiration

That 70’s Look and Sneakers – Spring Fashion Inspiration

Spring 2015 fashion trends

As the weather in California goes from slightly cold to super hot and stays that way for seven months, I go through a fashion rebirth. I give away or consign, anything I don’t like or haven’t worn in awhile. 

As I turned the pages of the latest fashion mags and combed through my favorite Pinterest boards, I was psyched to see what's in style now. Here are my top picks and what I will be working into my wardrobe in the coming weeks.

Hippie Chic is in and I couldn't be happier! It's coincidental timing (or is it?) to be posting about this look, as I'm going to the Fleetwood Mac concert tomorrow. Not sure what I'll be wearing yet…

1. Flowy dresses, layered necklaces, lace and fringe….








 Top two above- by Etro, Middle two above by Alberta Ferretti. Bottom, unknown.

2. Flare leg pants….I have been wearing these for the past 4 years, so they've been on the cusp of the fashion scene for awhile, but they are full frontal now.






From a fashion standpoint, I think the 70’s is my favorite decade. It probably has something to do with what my mother and her friends wore during my formative years when I was imprinting everything. Even in my earliest memories, I remember what she and her friends – all of them in their 20’s – were rocking in nyc back in the day – 'bellbottoms" and tunics, crocheted bathing suits, chokers. So fabulous.

My mother had a coat just like this one that she wore when our family went to the zoo early in our new life in Seattle – 1976.


We weren't allowed in because, the zoo people said my mothers’s coat would offend the animals. I swear. It was one of many – 'Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore' moments, where the differences between living in nyc in the 70’s and seattle were so, so drastic. My mom, sister and I cried for the rest of the day. My poor Montana raised Dad…

I digress.

3. Sneakers with everything.







My Pinterest style board is here if you'd like to see more.

Happy week my loves.


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Fashion + Interiors Mash-Up

Fashion + Interiors Mash-Up

I was recently contacted by the uber girly nail polish company – Julep – asking me to pick a favorite nail color from their Fall Collection, then create an outfit around it and share it with you here on the blog. I decided to take it one step further and create an interior in the same color palette. 

In all honesty, I had never heard of Julep before, but one look around the website as well as watching the videos of CEO's Jane Park and Kate MacDonald talking about their vision for their company and I was hooked right away. I was beyond inspired to watch and listen to these Ivy League graduates convey their passion for the company. Proves you can be smart and girly at the same time. Right on sister.


The color I chose as my Fall nail color inspiration is 'Roc Solid' which is a deep dark green. I have always loved the pairing of dark green, camel and tan leather. So that combo was the basis for selecting the clothing pieces below.  I had so much crazy fun doing this that I decided to put together two outfits – one dressy, the other casual.  Here you go…


To shop for the items in the photos, click the item below




Skirt (similar, same designer)











I didn't attach links for the jewelry because I forgot where I found them 🙁 I started playing around with different pieces and swapping them out, but will be more diligent in next fashion post.

By the way, I made these boards on Polyvore. If you haven't ever tried it, I suggest you give yourself an hour to play around creating boards. They also have a home furnishings option. The site lets you pick items from any designer or website you wish and then simply drag the photo onto a blank board and go for it. So deliriously fun!

Now for the interiors. First some inspiration..

Hunter green kitchen

Green metal


Here is the room I created (done on Polyvore)…

Dark green room insp


I started with a Hunter Green sofa that has a clean modern look but also looks super comfy. The chairs are from Ralph Lauren Home. I love the nail head detail.  Gold lighting and accessories add some elegance and the wooden table brings down the feel to a bit more rustic. A soft alpaca throw in camel over the arm of a chair and that's it.

I hope you pop over to Julep and check out their products – especially if you have a teenage girl in your life. They will love opening a box of these fun colors!

To purchase the color that closest matches the one I picked, click here.



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Fashion – spring musts

Fashion – spring musts


I've said before I'm not that into clothes and I especially don't like shopping for them. Well something has shifted and this is no longer true. I have a little confession…. I find myself thinking about shoes sometimes a lot. And there's more. I have thoughts of entire outfits that I don't even have an occasion for. There I said it. Fashion fantasizing – I'm copping to it. That's the first step – admitting, right? 

One of the reasons for my shift is perhaps because the new trends are finally feminine and thus incredibly flattering!!! No more MC Hammer-style pants and boxy blazers and what up with all the 'boyfriend' stuff?

So, I thought I would share my list of things I covet for the Spring… Let the fashion fantasizing begin!

1. Flared skirt. I bought one last spring and was amazed at how versatile and flattering it is. It looks great on every body type! 



Olivia Palmero



This is the skirt I have by Robert Rodriguez

 2. Pencil skirt. The ubiquitous pencil skirt never really lost it's place as a fashion mainstay, but it seems now there are more fabric choices, patterns and lengths to choose from. I find the slightly longer length – to just below the knee – to be the most flattering.





3. Bomber jacket. Omg, I LOVE these, but they are definitely a trend and will probably be out next year. So, don't buy an 'investment' piece. Still, there are lots of fun options out there! 




4. Pink. Did you know pink is THE color for Spring? Here's another confession…pink is my favorite color. For obvious reasons, I don't wear it out much other than running attire and my fuzzy pink wear-around-the-house socks obsession, but now the fashion police have given the green light to bust out the pink!





Paris Fashion Week

5. Gold accessories. For like ever it seems, platinum and silver were the metals of choice. I'm loving the change to the warmth of gold jewelry and accessories. It also looks great with pink!




via Etsy

6. Shoes with an ankle strap. Any heel height. Any time. Any occasion. 




J. Crew


A little tidbit I just discovered. When you pin an item of clothing (or maybe anything?) from it's original ecommerce site onto a Pinterest board, Pinterest notifies you when it goes on sale! i had no idea until I received an email letting me know a maxi skirt I pinned a week ago has been marked down. 

As if we don't yet another reason to fall into the abyss otherwise known as Pinterest! More of my fashion pins are on my Pinterest page – here.

Happy Sunday!


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Style – Vintage Clothing

Style – Vintage Clothing

Hi. I hope you've had a good week. Around here we've been wrapping up the school year (yipee!)- studying for finals, attending end of the year events and getting ready for Lily's 8th Grade Graduation tomorrow. Thank goodness we planned ahead and shopped for her two outfits (one for the ceremony and one for the party afterwards) a month ago! Tonight we are practicing walking in heels and trying on make-up. I'm crossing my fingers there are no unforeseen fashion emergencies before tomorrow afternoon!

Happy Friday and Happy Father's Day a few days early!

As for me? I'm wearing something I bought a few months ago while up in Seattle for a friend's birthday. Leave it to cutting-edge Seattle to be the first (or at least the first I've seen) to up the food truck ante with vintage clothing trucks! My friend and I were exploring a hip new area and spotted a parking lot filled with Airstream trailers, each of which contained mini vintage clothing boutiques. Isn't that a cool idea? Like quaint little shops that rove around to different neighborhoods and are not beholden to set store hours.

Before I tell you about my purchase, I'm curious do you shop vintage or consignment? It can be daunting combing through racks of old clothes and since it's is hit or miss, you need to have an open mind and no expectations.

On one fruitful day at a local consignment shop I picked up this Missoni dress…


On another this cropped cashmere cardigan…

Vintage sweater

One truck was well stocked with mostly European vintage pieces. My friend scored a gorgeous dress and me, this cream and navy silk Ungaro Paris skirt.


For a whopping $15! It made the shoes sort of wash. Kind of.


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Cool stuff I’m digging.

Cool stuff I’m digging.

I keep promising that I will blog more often and here it is over a week since my last post…  I'm actually currently on a little vay-kay, the kind that's non-stop rather than relaxing, so that's my excuse.  I get back home on Wed, so I'll update on the latest news then.  In the meantime, I thought I'd share some things I've recently discovered that make me happy. Maybe they will do the same for you!

1. Did you know that the talented crew at Remodelista have started a new blog – Gardenista??? For the landscaped challenged like me, this is a God send! 


2. Nike app for iPhone. Map your runs, track your progress! 

Nike app

3. No. 6 clogs.  My most fashinable girlfriend has been telling me about these shoes for months. I finally got this peep-toe pair below and LOVE them! So comfortable and the perfect mid-heel.  Incidentally, I have never received more shoe compliments! Someone even took my picture the other day (sadly, no, it was not The Sartorialist, but I will keep hoping). 

No.64. Fran's Salted Caramels. I am a severe chocoholic, but have recently decided I needed to cut back (is there an anon for that?) Now, when I do give myself a treat of chocolate it has to be the best most intense chocolate experience possible. While I have known and loved the Seattle based Fran's for years, I only recently discovered the lightly salted dark chocolate caramels. They are the perfect quick fix to my chocolate cravings and they ship in two days.

Fran's chocolate

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! 


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