Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Maybe it’s because Lily and I are headed out-of-town for a week of skiing in a few days (I can’t wait!!!), but all I can think about are cabins. Truth be told, I started fantasizing about them this past summer – lake cabins in particular – and the ever-so-slight departure I noticed away from the farmhouse/barn design trend of the past 5+ years. I still firmly believe in the permanence of this style and love it (obviously) but if I were to spot an aesthetic trend in interior design emerging, I would say that ‘cabin chic’ might be next. Just a prediction 🙂

On an administrative note: There are still a few tweaks, additions and modifications to the site in progress, I’m working diligently on fixing them with the help of Luke over the phone from college when he’s available, Our highly skilled and efficient tech department is on it! and you will see improvements made in the days to come. Thank you for your patience.



ps – ski trip photos will be on Instagram!

log cabin

Barn doors covering double doors on a rustic home

Notice the double sets of doors. I have been seeing this done quite a bit lately and think it’s just brilliant. It allows for privacy and weather protection when you want, light and openness when you prefer that.

Wood beams and stone wall in kitchen

I would love to know more about that counter piece on the left… It looks like it’s a vintage piece of furniture and melds beautifully with the other elements in the room. Sometimes clients are apprehensive about mixing woods. This is a great example of how well it works and is actually better than having all the wood match exactly. It looks like there are five wood components to this space and they’re all different.

Rustic style reading nook in a cabin

What a nice place to read or take a nap.

Gallery wall covering painted shiplap

I really like the gallery wall but what caught my eye is the painted shiplap. Typically we see it in white, and in cabins wood-paneled walls are often kept natural, but painting one in a rich gray to create a focal wall I think compliments all the other wood details in the space beautifully.

Ralph Lauren U-shaped sofa

I want to be right here! Doesn’t this room draw you in? Especially in a vacation/second home environment where family members and friends are likely to gather, a comfortable seating arrangement to pile into is so inviting.

Monochrome blankets and pillows displayed in antique cabinet

Stacks of blankets and pillows are decor by themselves.

Rustic elegance in a master bedroom

All wood cabin bedroom

Modern cabin style kids bunk room

Ralph Lauren furniture on cabin porch

The cabin essentials kit:

Faux fur blankets – can’t have enough of these lying around. From here.

Beautiful art from here.

Black painted corner cabinet from here.

Coffee table from here.

Delicious wool blankets are from here.

Both log-style bunk beds are from here.

Windsor chairs look great next to a fireplace even in a modern setting. They are classic and iconic. This one is from here.

For more cabin style inspiration, click here.


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Happy Accidents and How My Pantry and Powder Room Came to Be

Happy Accidents and How My Pantry and Powder Room Came to Be

The transformation of an unused space to walk-in Pantry in a modern Farmhouse style.

One of the seredipitous occurances during our house design process was ending up with a walk-in pantry aka a Butler’s Pantry. Originally the space was going to be opened up making the TV nook into a full-size family room.





We could not extend beyond the existing footprint of the house or else we would end up in permit HELL, so I decided to re-purpose some unused space – a huge wet bar in the center of the house (a common design element here in Marin County in home’s built in the 50’s). It’s gone and in its place are two spaces that we didn’t have before and are thrilled to have now – a pantry and a powder room. Voila!


Deciding what kind of door or whether to have a door at all took some time. At one point I considered painted double doors, as well as a sliding barn door but decided against both because I thought they would be hard to open if hands are full of groceries, platters, etc.

My grandparents had a swinging door that separated their kitchen and dining room in their home and I remembered how easy it was to push it open with an armload. My contractors located the hardware and then came what it should look like. I went with stained Alder because it was less pricey than Walnut and a farmhouse-style plank + X.


 Open shelving is really important in a pantry, so everything is easily accessible.


 When I had a party a few weeks ago, I set up a cocktail bar in the pantry. I decided to leave the cocktail ingredients out, because I love the festive look, especially with the holiday season here. For last minute get-togethers, all I need to do is put out a bowl of lemon and lime wedges and a bucket of ice. All the ingredients are here for guests to help themselves.


 Every time I have a party that has more guests than the previous, I buy more stemless wine glasses to match the new total. I get my glasses here.



The countertop is Calacutta marble and is the remnant from the kitchen. Double serendipity!


 The tall cabinet is for mops, brooms and cleaning supplies.



 I found this ceiling mount Industrial Light Fixture here.


Small spaces are so intriguing aren't they? Here are a few pantry's that I adore.

Pewter butlers pantry -evadesigns

It looks like the cabinetry above is stained a bluish gray. The collection of pewter is a stunning combination.


I love this pantry because it looks like one could create something like this themselves using shelving from Ikea or The Container Store. The adjustible shelves are really handy for pantry's.


Ahhh. I just love this sweet space. What a treat to have a nice bright window!


I love pantry spaces so much, I created a Pinterest board! Click here to see them.

The title of this post refers to my Powder Room – I know! I ran out of time! I'm headed to NYC to spend Thanksgiving with Luke, to be inspired and to come back with a fresh, new perspective. I will show the Powder Room photos in the next post!

In the meantime, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and THANK YOU for reading FarmHouseUrban for almost 4 years!



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FarmHouseUrban – Update – Furnished Nook

FarmHouseUrban – Update – Furnished Nook

It's been awhile since I've posted anything regarding the house, so here are some updates…

The nook off of the kitchen is finished! This little space that used to be a wasted enclosed porch has become my new favorite spot! To see the 'before' as well as nooks that inspired this one, click here. The custom sectional is slipcovered in indigo Belgian linen…  IMG_5763

The coffee table is a vintage find and the rug is from Ikea. 


The glass cylinder lamp can be purchased on the shop website – click here.


The pillows are custom. I had an extra pillow made in each pattern, but then decided I didn't need them, so they are going to be on the shop website shortly!!! If you are interested, please email me asap (22" sq $300 for the floral, $350 for the striped)! 


 The striped pillows have this pattern on the front, and straight stripes on the back.




Thanks for stopping byHave a wonderful day!



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FarmHouseUrban House Remodel Update – Interiors and Furniture

FarmHouseUrban House Remodel Update – Interiors and Furniture

We're waiting on the hood which is due to arrive and be installed any day, as well as the pendant light fixtures for over the island. Once those happen, the kitchen will be completely finished! I'm excited to show them both to you as well as the other little things that are coming together gradually. In the meantime, I'm thinking about furnishings. The house is a blank canvas right now, so it's been fun to think about all of the possibilities!

I would like to tackle the nook off of the kitchen first, as I expect this will be my preferred spot for reading, watching movies, hanging out with friends, etc. It's small and cozy, so it won't need much!



A sectional sofa will fit along the wall and under the window.

Here are two sofa options I'm considering.  Either one will need to be customized to fit the space. We sell this fabulous made-in-USA line in the shop and online here. Extremely well made and at a great price point! Please email me directly with inquires.

I like the look of this sofa – modern, yet it looks really comfy and deep. 

This one is more traditional. I would change the cushions so the sofa part has only one upper and one lower. I like the higher arms and side cushions too.


Here are the fabrics – indigo linen for the sofa and the floral and striped for throw pillows.


I'm intrigued by small spaces and how the scale of a room impacts the way we feel while in it.

Here a few small spaces that inspire me.

Small spaces1

Small sectional - country living
Small spaces3

Small spaces4

Small spaces2

For more small space inspiration, click here to go to my Pinterest board.

Enjoy the extra day off tomorrow – wherever you are…


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Family Room Remodel – Before and After

Family Room Remodel – Before and After

I recently finished a family room remodel for an active family of six – two parents, four teenagers and one huge, fluffy Golden Retriever. The project included new window treatments, new upholstery to an existing sectional sofa, paint, furniture and accessories.

There are still a few things to add (will get to that in a minute), but since the majority of the installation happened days before, I wanted to get the room photographed while it was still new and fresh.  So this past Friday, fantastic photographer Mark Adams and I tweaked pillows, hid cords, moved furniture and cocked our heads to the side until it all came together.


Before1 - bolinas

There were too many cushions here and they were way too small.  I find it's much more comfortable to sit on a wider sofa cushion.

Before2 - bolinas

The window treatments were the same color as the walls, which was a bright white with a touch of lemon yellow.  The lack of contrast made the room feel bland and washed out.

The challenge with painting this room was that the wall on the far right, continued through a dining area and then into the kitchen, which meant that if that wall was painted, the rest of the Great Room would have to be painted too and that was out of the project scope. We ended up painting two of the three walls Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan (HC-81). It's a fantastic neutral that goes brilliantly with natural linen.

Before3 - bolinas

This little Asian chest and the art are the only pieces that stayed.



above photo by and property of serena armstrong/theurbanfarmhouse

We are still waiting for a custom coffee table exactly like the one above, except a square shape. I've had this one in storage from my store. The top is made from reclaimed barn wood and finished in a gray milk wash.  The base is brushed metal with a pewter affect – absolutely stunning.  I brought in the coffee table for the shoot since by the time the custom table arrives the room might have a more 'lived in look' than I wanted for the pictures.

Coffee table - Mark Adams

The sofa was redone in a natural, thick Belgian linen – gorgeous. Now there are only two lower cushions, four uppers and no welting creating a much cleaner look.

Tracy family room

above two photos (low resolution) by Mark Adams

I'm happy to provide product info about anything in the room.  

If you live in the Bay Area and need help creating a home you love, please do contact me for design help! 

Happy week to you! 



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