Gray, January and Groutfits

Gray, January and Groutfits

Well hi. I haven’t posted in some time, because for one I have had every kind of technology situation arise all at once. Thankfully, I now have a TWO person IT department!  Besides that, life peacefully continues to find it’s way to a new normal. I’m enjoying the experience of sustained quiet and stillness now that the kids are back at school. At the same time, starting new routines, switching up my daily travel patterns and stepping outside my comfort zone from time to time. It’s all part of embracing change rather than resisting it. There are some miraculous things that happen when that ever so slight tweak in thinking happens. I truly believe that.



So, it’s January. Suffice it to say, it’s probably gray outside most of the time where you are as it is here in Northern California. After the holidays there’s this stretch of waiting for spring yet we still have months to go. The Gray Period. I’m working on a big interior design project that is mostly gray, black and cream. I’m in heaven with the color palette, so I thought I’d share some images that influence and inspire me. In addition, my daughter taught me a new word for my typical winter day attire – A Groutfit. It means when your outfit is predominantly gray. So, I’m also sharing some Groutfit inspirations too :))

Happy winter my loves.

soft gray bedroom colors

charcoal gray bedroom

gray chalk paint palette

Grey winter outfit

Gray linen bedding

Charcoal on gray linen fabric

Gray sweater and ripped jeans

Shades of gray linen fabric

Metal letter B


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A Wardrobe Must-Have for all Wearers of Dresses Regardless of Age or Body Type

A Wardrobe Must-Have for all Wearers of Dresses Regardless of Age or Body Type

Hi beautiful I don’t have much to share as it’s been a pretty quiet week. Aaaahhh. Excuse me while I take a moment to fully appreciate what I just said…. It was Luke’s 22nd birthday last weekend, so we had a family dinner in the city. Luke picked where he wanted to go – Fogo de Chao. If you’re not familiar with this chain of restaurants – it’s an all-you-can-eat Brazilian steak house. The waiters dress as pirates or something, maybe conquistadors – I don’t know exactly – wearing pantaloons and vests and poofy sleeved shirts. They come to your table with giant swords with huge slabs of meat on them and carve off pieces for you to add to the other meat you’ve taken from the buffet. They just keep coming to the table with different kinds of meat until you, in a meat induced coma, flip the card by your plate to the ‘red’ side signaling defeat and for he pirates to halt. It was a wonderful and unique evening, and most importantly, Luke loved it! 



Have you discovered the slip dress yet? I bought the one above from here at the beginning of the summer and I have worn it constantly. What I love most is it’s chameleon-like ability to be dressed way up or way down very easily. It also works for MANY body types. I prefer the knee length vs shorter personally.. For one, because I think it’s flattering, and second, the top part is sort of revealing and I don’t like doubling down in the showing of skin for my age group (45+).

Slip dress

Slip dress

Green Slip Dress

Slip dress with sweater

Slip dress with denim jacket

Here are some great and affordable slip dress options for an end of summer wardrobe spruce up:

from here

from here

from here

from here


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Stars & Stripes

Stars & Stripes

Hi to you. Summertime is here. It’s never the same, summer, that is… While the routine of the school year is so predictable, summer is always different. It’s not only the transition, but no two days, two weeks or two summers are alike, so it can sometimes be difficult (for me at least) to get a handle on everything. For example, we’re either completely out of food the day after I do a huge grocery shop, or I’m throwing stuff out because no one happened to be around for a few days and neglected to tell me. My Type A tendencies are being challenged, which is probably a good thing! I’m sure there’s some great lesson in the unpredictability  I’m putting my yoga and meditation practices to the test, just breathing through each day and letting it all ‘just be’…. When that doesn’t work, I’ve also got some military style strategies for staying sane that I may share in a subsequent post. 🙂 All that said, this summer is shaping up to be one of the most calm, joyful and all around blissful summers I’ve had in a long, long time. Happy Fourth!



Blue and white turkish hand towels

July 4th watermelon kabobs


Red and white striped shirt

I’m headed up North this week… can’t wait. I have such a case of wanderlust…. See you next time from the road 🙂



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Fashion Edit: My hi lo favorites

Fashion Edit: My hi lo favorites

Hi. Sigh. This is the last week of high school for Lily. She graduates tomorrow. In a way it’s a bigger deal than when her brother graduated three years ago….It marks a significant change in my mothering life as I’ve known it for the past 22 years. I cried everyday for six months prior to Luke graduating and everyday after that until he left for college. With Lily, I have a different reaction, but not one bit less emotionally charged. Has this happened to you? Different reactions for each child? This time, I’m filled with excitement as I watch her take this leap, the baby that never left my hip, who never stopped crying when she had a babysitter, who still likes to hang out with me…occassionally 🙂 I have exponential admiration, respect and straight up awe for this girl for so many reasons. My little peanut is ready to leave the nest and soar and I will be cheering her on every step of the way. I hope I prepared her enough. 



When I’m asked where I purchased a piece of clothing or where I shop, most people are surprised when I say I buy the majority of my clothes online. Sure it’s safer and  more fun to try things on in person, go with a friend, etc. But online shopping is not only getting more convenient with accurate sizing guides, and free shipping and returns, but the fun factor has been and continues to be upped with inspiring editorials, amazing packaging and speedy delivery. I have a few go-to’s when I’m in need of something or just want to satisfy that itch. The two on the top of my list currently are both extremely fashion forward, but at opposite ends of the price point range. Here they are with my picks for the season:

  1. Zara – This is my happy place. They have so much fun with fashion, t’s infectious. The inventory is vast and is constantly changing (as I was putting this post together, they kept adding more things, which made me keep changing my picks) and the prices are very reasonable. This is where I shop when I want to try out a trend but don’t want to make a big commitment.

1. Dress 2. Sandals 3. Bag

1. Jacket 2. Jumper 3. Shoes

1. Top 2. Skirt 3. Shoes

 2. Matches Fashion – I’ve been a fan of this British online shop for years, so when they recently started offering free shipping and easy returns, I was a goner. There is one thing, however that makes MatchesFashion standout as the BEST shopping experience ever…. Their packaging. It’s unlike anything I have every seen. Marbled paper covered boxes with a magnetic closure. Inside, each item is meticulously wrapped in layers of tissue paper and sealed with a beautiful sticker. Even the invoice is enclosed in a matching envelope.

1.Dress 2. Shoes 3. Bag

1. Jacket 2. Jumper 3. Shoes

1. Shoes 2. Top 3. Skirt


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Fall 2016 Fashion – Navigating the Trends

Fall 2016 Fashion – Navigating the Trends

Fall 2016 fashion trends

With September comes fashion – September Vogue, runway shows and colder weather all contribute to our desire to think about our wardrobe. My favorite pieces this month ranged from classic to edgy and everything in between. Trying to find a common thread made me realize there is no longer ‘a look’ for that season. It’s become a pupu platter of options – colors, hem lengths, etc that allow us the pleasure of picking and choosing whatever we like. 

I thought Marc Jacobs’ collection was fantastic and filled with inspiration. While haute couture is not in my budget, nor could this look work in my world, there are some major take aways to be had — the high neck lace blouse, a blazer and high waisted pants, and those silver jeans…. 


On the flip side, another of my favorites is the neutral palette by Bottega Veneta. Layers of tone on tone with texture and drape doing the talking.

For Fall, the trends that I’m drawn to and will be incorperating into my wardrobe are:

1.  Combat boots & stacked heels.

2.  Merlot & red

3. Shorter skirt length

4. Military & camo

5. Metallic

Here are some looks that incorporate the trends above and I’ll be working into my own closet…. 


merlot pants














Happy October to you! 





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Sunday Blues

Sunday Blues

Playing Dorothy Moore’s Misty Blue on Sunday night

I've been listening to a new Pandora station lately – Lauryn Hill Radio.  It gets confusing, sorting out all of the music choices out there – Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, etc. I don't really get what makes one better than the other or how they differ, so I just stick to the one I know. The music on Lauryn Hill Radio is a mix of present day artists as well as oldies, but it's all Rhythm & Blues.  I heard "Misty Blue" by Dorothy Moore for the first time tonight. What a beautiful song. I'm a sucker for soulful ballads that stir emotions…But then again, it's Sunday night, so maybe that's why….


Oh, it's been such a long, long time

Looks like I can get you off my mind

Oh, but I can't

Just the thought of you,

Turns my whole world

A misty blue.

That it does.

Right after I heard this song tonight, I watched a show on Netflix and it played during the credits… I love coincidences.

Here are some misty blues for you's 🙂


















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