Teenage Girls’ Bedroom Ideas

Teenage Girls’ Bedroom Ideas

Well hi there.  It's early morning and really quiet around here. On Sunday I put my daughter Lily on a plane ~ by herself ~ for a month at summer camp. She's fourteen. It wasn't her first time flying alone, so no first time jitters, but this time she asked me to let her go through security and wait at the gate by herself. One of those tough mom moments… Wait, what if…?  I bit my tongue and watched her until she made it through. As a baby she was attached to my hip, never more than a few feet from me. The one who never stopped crying when a babysitter came. As she headed towards her gate, she gave me a big confident smile and a wave. Snip, went one of the apron strings. The day before, a plane crashed upon landing at the same airport. The wreckage was still on the tarmac. Many were injured on that flight as I'm sure you're aware and two tragically lost their lives. The two were teenage girls heading to summer camp. To those moms, my heart goes out to you.

While Lily is away at camp, I want to surprise her by re-doing her room. We're keeping all the same furniture – a fresh coat of paint here and there, swapping out some old hardware, and updating the accessories. I can't wait to see her reaction when she comes home and sees it! She and I picked out most things before she left, so it won't be a total surprise. If you are getting deja vu, it's because I did a post awhile ago showing a few things we picked out. You can read it by clicking here.

I'll show you the finished room just before she gets home which is still a few weeks away (the window coverings are being installed the day before). In the meantime, here are some rooms that I think provide great inspiration for teen girls.


Amanda Nisbet

Aren't these curtains incredible? Daybeds are perfect for teens because they serve double duty as sofas. I think this one is from West Elm. Piled with splashy colors like this is an easy way to bring in lots of color without making a major commitment.


It's also nice to repeat just one color throughout. It makes the textures and patterns stand out.

Pink bedroom in paris
 Love the light-up vanity and gorgeous chevron floors. 

Yellow + gray

It was tempting to replace Lily's twin beds with a queen size, but having the extra bed for sleepovers which happen weekly or more, it made sense to keep them.

Sleeping nook

What a great reading spot, The mattresses remind me of the story The Princess and the Pea!
Striped ceiling

Lots of fun ideas here – the striped ceiling, the pillows that spell out her name, a photo gallery wall. Coral and light blue are such a pretty color combo.

Traditional home

I like the way just two colors were used here. It's playful and adds whimsy without being over-the-top.

Wallpaper + headboard

One wall of wallpaper (or stencil or contrasting paint color) is a great way to add interest to a room especially if the architecture is lacking. I happen to adore this wallpaper and love the bed with it. However, I would be really tempted to paint it like the frame below…

Painted vintage mirror frame


I have so many juicy posts coming, I can't wait to share them all with you! 


Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields

My daughter Lily's bedroom is long overdue for a makeover.  Not only did her brother's receive one this year (click here to see it), but she turned thirteen in December and has had basically the same room since she was five.  Like her mama, she's a pink girl, but is ready to do away with pastels and go for a deeper, strawberry-like shade. She chose pale gray as the contrasting color with some zebra accents (biting my tongue on that one…)

Her room is currently lilac – chosen during a brief moment of frivolity… Pink is beckoning her back.


Except for a few tweaks here and there, the furniture will stay the same – two antique twin beds, a 'Jacqui' desk and matching bedside table from Bungalow 5 and an antique slipper chair I bought at an estate sale in Seattle when she was a baby for $15.  


I had it upholstered in Schumacher striated velvet. It's so cute! I plan to put casters on it to raise it a little as well as make it mobile so she can use it as her desk chair. The chair color was the springboard for the new pink and light gray palette.

It was surprisingly difficult finding fabric that has these two colors, so the minute I saw this floral pattern called 'Nancy' by Clarke & Clarke, I knew she would love it. 


I used a different aperture for the photo below. The colors are more like this one in real life.

Clarke & Clarke is a fantastic resource for fabric and wallpaper – especially for the little-to-tween-to-teen girl. They carry a vast selection from splashy to sophisticated, classic to modern, and most come in pink colorways.


One of the patterns I absolutely love (which would be great for a BOY'S room!) is this big check print.



For a Morracan or boho vibe, this one in 'Berry' is another of my favorites.

Berry - clarke&clarke

They have wonderful wallcoverings too.

Wallpaper - clarke&clarke
Clarke & Clarke is a UK based company founded in 1999.  It is distributed in the US through Duralee.

The room makeover is still many months away – to be completed with the rest of the remodel, but since Lily and I we were planning things out this week, I thought I'd share it with you. 

Have a great Monday!

vitamin i

vitamin i

For those of us whose job requires creativity as well as those who appreciate being surrounded by beauty, we all need regular doses of inspiration to keep the juices flowing.  A shot in the arm of something beautiful whether it be a swatch of fabric, a meaningful story, or a pretty photo just makes us feel better. 

I thought a good way to start off the week is to share what has given me inspiration in the last few days – my 'vitamin i' – so to speak! I hope they inspire you too…

Canopy bed

I've had this photo for a really long time and don't have any recollection of where it came from.  If you do, please do tell!  It's so fairytale-like isn't it? A reminder to look for opportunities to be whimsical in design and in life.

Hunter boots

I'm going to nyc in a week and just started to think about what to pack. Last January when I went, I did not pack my Wellies thinking they would be too un-chic for nyc and I so regretted it! It snowed and the puddles at the curbs were like a foot deep.  I found this photo after I got back and saved it to remind me of how cute (and yes, chic) they can be and how everyone wore them with thick leggings and parkas. I realize it won't be snowy by next week, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't giddy about the cold weather outfit options!  

Pear and almond choc cake-honeyandjam

This is – ok brace yourself – pear, almond and chocolate cake!  Sin on a plate I tell you. I discovered this recipe and this gorgeous blog Honey and Jam recently and am hooked on the recipes and the amazing photography.  My own food photos are usually pretty bad, hard as I try to improve, so my appreciation for good food photography is quite high. This blog doesn't disappoint and has great props too!!  Do me a favor and don't read her "About" page until after you've looked through her blog. You won't believe how old she is!


Does anyone else get the Flor catalog? I've been getting it for years, although I don't usually pay much attention to it until something on the cover recently caught my eye. When I opened it, I was quite literally "Flor-ed".  The styling is superb.  Made me actually want to buy those carpet squares for a second! To get inspired, click here to see their online catalog.

Have a wonderful Monday, and as I tell my kids every morning 'be your best self', and of course, don't forget to take your vitamins!

Teen Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

Teen Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

A couple of months ago when we added our kids' bathrooms, my son Luke's room had to have some walls moved and reframed.  He's turning 16 this summer and has had the same bedroom furniture since he was three. It was an ideal (and long overdue) time for a new room. I interviewed him to get a little direction. It went something like this:

me: "honey, do you have any thoughts on your new room?"

son: "yeah, I want a small couch – you know for two people – and a table in front for snacks, and an old school turntable."

me: thinking to self 'for two peop…?!'  "well… what about colors?  what colors do you want?"

son: "no colors."

Realizing he was describing a nightclub and not a bedroom for relaxing (alone) and doing homework, I decided I better just take matters into my own hands.  

There aren't many sources of inspiration for teenage boy's bedrooms out there. For some reason they don't make it to the glossy pages of our favorite shelter mags… Over the past year or so I've been collecting images of rooms that I thought my son would like. (To see my other teen boy inspiration rooms, click here.)This room from the Ace Hotel in Portland (via Remodelista) turned out to be one of our favorites and the inspiration for his room.

Ace hotel - remodelista

Lukes' room



The built-in drawers and closet had to be taken out in order to move the wall to accommodate the bathroom.  In total, the room lost about 8 inches of floor space.  The closet was relocated to the opposite facing wall. Instead of a dresser, we installed an Elfa shelving system from The Container Store inside the closet .  

after from same perspective as above




Luke bdrm before

after from same perspective as above

IMG_2813We took the window out and added the closet to the right.  Luckily we had open space for it on the other side where a future powder room will go. Rather than a headboard, I had a piece of cork attached to the wall to create a giant bulletin board. I enjoy seeing what Luke puts on it, and imagine that by the time he leaves for college (sniff) it will be filled with pictures, notes, ticket stubs and other mementos from his high school years.  

IMG_2817There wasn't room for a bedside table and frankly since it was always messy, I wanted to find another -tidier- option.  This platform bed from West Elm has three drawers on each side, which was the perfect substitute for a bedside table. It's been great to have no clutter! I found this gooseneck LED reading light was perfect for the space since it mounts on the wall and can be bent any direction. I contemplated adding a small shelf along the side wall for an alarm clock, but he uses his cell phone which charges overnight on his desk anyway, so there was really no need. I'm realizing I didn't hide electrical cords…


IMG_2814We kept the old pine desk we bought at a garage sale years ago, but painted it Restoration Hardware Charcoal.  After it was painted I thought it looked kind of disconnected to the room just by itself on the long white wall, so I decided to paint part of the wall the same color.  We still need to hang some record albums Luke's collected along the wall, but just haven't gotten to it yet! The orange Eames chair is from Room & Board.

You might have noticed the basket of legos on the desk?  If there is one toy that reminds me of Luke's childhood it's legos. He lost interest years ago, but I kept them anyway – stored in a giant plastic tub in our basement.  For nostalgia, I thought it would be fun to make drawer pulls out of legos to replace the knobs on his desk.  I suggested it to him and he adamantly refused.  I get it and let it drop.  I did leave a little basket of legos on his desk, just in case…

Hope you like it!


Paint – White is Benjamin Moore Atrium White. Gray is Restoration Hardware Charcoal.

Platform bed and wall mounted shelf – West Elm "Storage Bed"

Striped duvet – West Elm

Wool blanket and Gray pillows – Pendleton for Room & Board (machine washable!)

Light fixtures – Harold's Lighting (based in Seattle)

Orange Desk Chair – Eames from Room & Board

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