Little Cabin in the Woods

Little Cabin in the Woods

A tour of a vintage decorated cabin in the woods

On the spur of the moment, I decided to get out of dodge and ended up, in of all places, a little cabin in the woods on the banks of a flowing river in Northern Oregon. Let me tell you, my expectations were high. I’ve had a cabin-in-the-woods fantasy for as long as I can remember and this lived up, matter of fact exceeded, every last one. Road trip season is here! Bring it.

Come take a look around with me…

You had me with weathered shingles and white trim.

The cabin is situated on a big, flat sunny patch with a main house next to it.

I wonder if these grape vines covering the front porch are used for wine making?

No appliances but certainly not lacking in charm factor in this light bright happy kitchen.

The fridge is 70 years old!

The color palette is pale green and brick red. It couldn’t be more fitting for this adorable little gem.

The owner, whom I’ve never met, is clearly a collector of vintage pieces. Vintage collecting is a passion that can easily get out of control. I know this first hand. It’s so tempting to go overboard, but what I loved about this cottage is how well edited the decor is. Charm galore. The place had such a positive and relaxing vibe too.

A dark photo I know, but I wanted to include it to show you the claw foot tub nestled in the windowed nook. It was just perfection. The other cool thing the owner did, was to put a vintage wooden toy ironing board on the end of the tub for soaps, candles, etc. So if you see one at your local flea market and you have a claw foot tub….

The attic with these four mismatched antique twin beds could not have been cuter. This space is girl heaven – oh the games of playing house, talking all night, braiding each other’s hair. Like a story book…

The grounds were rustic and simple.

Hi little lady bug!

This is the main house. It looks like the original homestead was a one room log cabin and they built around it.

Big vegetable garden!

I love the farmhouse style of this currently vacant chicken coop.

Check out the leaded glass door.

Behind the main house is this trail down to the river. Falling asleep with the windows open and hearing the rushing water was heavenly.

Also behind the main house were these matching bathtubs. They are plumbed with hot and cold water.

My daily routine…

Taking a much needed break from work, email, phone, tv and my regular routine reminded me how essential it is for maintaining happiness, finding inner peace and boosting creativity.

Here’s to summer, being spontaneous, unplugging and stopping to enjoy the simplest of life’s pleasures.

Happy week to you!


exciting news and the coolest new place for all things vintage!

exciting news and the coolest new place for all things vintage!

I've been sooo excited to tell you all about this, and now the time has come!!!

A few months ago I was contacted by a person I had never met about a new business she and her husband (and a host of others) were creating.  She described it as a marketplace for all things vintage – cars, jewelry, clothing, homes (yes homes!) and of course, home furnishings.  They were selecting "Style Makers" who each had a certain look and style, to showcase their wares under individual storefronts on the website.  At first, I didn't think it sounded like the right fit – I pictured a giant virtual flea market – or worse – a garage sale!  After a few phone meetings, and emails I soon realized that was not the case.  Far from it.  Second Shout Out was created to for the hip consumer who has an appreciation for the finer things that have timeless beauty and permanence. 

The site just went live, but the official launch is not until mid-September.  

Please hop over to spend some time and peruse all the wonderful treasures on Second Shout Out and let me know what you think!

Vintage Marketplace

The week in review

The week in review

It's been a whirlwind around here this past week!  Take a look…

Saturday – Margaret and I attended the motherlode of estate sales. Here are just a few of the treasures we scored…



It turns out the house belongs to George Lucas and the occupant was his personal Assistant for the past 30 years.  The most incredible part was that he wrote Star Wars on a legal pad in one of the upstairs rooms!  Goosebumps, I tell you. I look forward to sharing more soon.

Sunday – Father's Day

Monday – Met with reps to see new products for the store and clients. New smaller items – tabletop, accessories and hostess gifts coming!

Placed orders for a new client's 'FarmHouseUrban" living room.



Beachy Striped Wool Dhurrie

Screen shot 2012-06-23 at 8.48.37 PM

Simple Slipcovered sofa

Coffee table

Awesome Coffee Table 

Tuesday – Went to a former client's home to start working on a new project. Great to be working with her again and her gorgeous home.  

In the early evening, I headed up to St. Helena to visit girlfriend Cristine. Tuesday's is her Bocce Ball night, so I met her at the Bocce Ball park.  They take Bocce very seriously in wine country. 

Afterwards, we went to the new restaurant French Blue, designed and owned by Howard Backen (the architect whose work I have admired

French Blue1

French Blue2

French Blue4

French Blue5

French Blue - cabinetry

French Blue6

Wednesday – Margaret and I worked on the online store.  Fine tuning the look + feel, getting all the product images uploaded, the descriptions written, making sure measurements and pricing is accurate takes a loooong time.

  FarmHouseUrban Home store - logo

Still tweaking the logo…

In the afternoon, I made a stop to my woodworker's shop to check on the prototype for a new piece for the FarmHouseUrban Home Collection.  Here is a sneak peek at the FarmHouseUrban dining table!

FarmHouseUrban farm table

FarmHouseUrban farm table2

Thursday – Stopped in to check on the status of a kitchen and family room renovation I've been working on. It's been a really fun project and I can't wait to show you more photos when the space is complete.

Fireplace detail1

What to do with a monolith of a fireplace when the client doesn't like stone or wood? Raised panels in a geometric design!

Fireplace detail2


Deciding which shade of warm gray…

Friday – Made a quick trip to the city to my favorite discount fabric store to look for a tweedy woven for an ottoman.  I didn't find anything, but did end up in the waaaay back intrigued by these retro (retro as in they've probably been here since the 60's, not new retro) Hawaiian prints.  Perhaps it has something to do with watching "The Decendants" recently?


Hawaiian print

Hawaiian print2

I'd love to make big pillows out of these for outdoors.  They're not made of acrylic fabric, but at $8 per yard, even if they lasted one season it wouldn't be a huge loss.  My sewing skills are a bit rusty (plus, hello, I have no time!), so I guess I'll have to pass.  

Here's to a relaxing Sunday! Hope you have a chance to put your feet up today!

New York City Visit: no sleep till

New York City Visit: no sleep till

BROOKLYN! In the past few years, I've noticed many shops, restaurants and businesses popping up in Brooklyn.  I had to see for myself what all the buzz is about, so my friend and I spent a day exploring. We got a recommendation from our cool waiter the night before, to visit 'his neighborhood' - Williamsburg, so that was our first stop.

We loved finding this little gold mine of a cheese shop – The Bedford Cheese Shop.

Bedford cheese shop2
Bedford cheese shop





In addition to the abundant cheese and salami selection, they also sell hand crafted chocolate – the perfect sweet treat to round out your impromptu Brooklyn picnic. This display of chocolate wrapped in a colorful palette of beautiful papers caught my eye immediately. It turns out the small company - Mast Brothers - is located right around the corner and is open to the public for tours of the chocolate making process.  We hoped to fit it in, but didn't have time. Next visit.


We ate lunch at a great place around the corner called 'Egg'. It was a recommendation from the guy at the cheese shop. Despite the name, I don't think there were any breakfast items on the menu. I took photos of the amazing sandwiches we had, but the photos looked like doo doo, so you'll just have to trust me!


The latter part of the day we walked around Park Slope.  We loved the neighborhood/family feel and great variety of restaurants and shops, stopping for a refreshment at, of all places, a gourmet beer shop.  If you look closely at the photo above, you might see why.

Ice cream - bierkraft

The photo below as well as this article listing this ice cream sandwich as one of the 10 best in ny area, is posted on the door. 

Icecream sandwich2


If you're into beer, this place will make you very, very happy!

Instead of taking the subway back to the city, we decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

On our way we passed a mall of sorts.  The stores are all converted shipping containers.





We were so enamored with Brooklyn, we came back on our last day to visit the Brooklyn Flea.  

If I wasn't going straight to the airport, here's what I would have picked up.

Chaise- brooklynflea

All this chaise needs is a little fabric love! It is practically the same as the one I have in the shop. Mine was also a flea market find.


Bluejars- brooklynflea

Flag - brooklynflea


Pie plate

I'm still thinking about that flag…

 Happy Happy New Year!




French Soiree

French Soiree

Last Thursday we celebrated the opening of the store as well as the arrival of the most exquisite collection of antique french pieces. They include mirrors, trumeaux, engravings, botanicals and art.  The pieces were made by a French couple I met last spring – he an antiques dealer and she – a restorer of plaster moldings as well as an artist.  Combine the two talents and the results are the most gorgeous pieces made with fragments from the 16th-18th Century restored with combinations of new and old wood, mirrors and plasterwork from 100+ year old molds.  


Next week I will highlight each piece.  They each deserve their own moment in the spotlight. After all, they're quite old and have travelled very far!  In the meantime, Here's a peek. This one – my favorite – might not stay in the store very long.  I'm dreaming about it for our future powder room with all it's crusty aged glory. Against a black wall perhaps…


Setting up the crepe kitchen…



A hard decision narrowing down the crepe selection.  My daughter Lily helped. We went with 2 savory; ham and mornay (cheese sauce), and caramelized onion and mushroom with bechemel, and 2 sweet; Nutella and strawberry and sauteed apple with caramel.


Surprising how well the crepes paired with the champagne!


And let the party begin!  Photos from the party will be on our Facebook page later today.  Click on the link at the top of the blog.

For info on the crepe caterer click here.

Estate Sale Finds

Estate Sale Finds

I missed the Alameda Antique Fair last weekend, but that's okay since I've been hitting some great estate sales lately. I've been on the hunt for vintage treasures for the store.  The problem is that I've grown so attached to each one…


French watercolor. Je t'aime.


Cast plaster box with cherubs on the top and pretty turquoise color inside. I found out that it was made by an American company with an Italian name – Borghese (no relation to the cosmetics company). It has the label on the bottom.  They made many boxes in different styles throughout the 1940's – 60s.

I've had a slight obsession with pewter since I was a teenager and saw a collection of pitchers at a friend's house.  This little pitcher, I was told, is actually English hotel silver, but it looks so much like the expensive pewter pieces made by the company 'Match' that I had to have it. The crooked top only adds to the charm.

Sets of vintage knives.  I love giving old one-of-a-kind things like these as gifts.  The bigger knives are stamped with "Shreve and Co" from the old grande dame jewelry store still in business in Union Square in downtown San Francisco since 1852. Underneath is vintage French fabric with an embroidered "M" monogram about to be transformed into the most heavenly pillows.

More store updates to come soon!


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