I’m referring to my current fashion obsession – polka dots. If you, like me, tend to be pattern averse, think of this as a baby step. Kind of like wearing stripes, but dots.

This dress stopped me in my tracks recently with its playful yet chic style. Plus, I could picture Amal Clooney wearing it. It also struck me as insanely versatile, even though it’s a pattern (and polka dots no less!) which seems completely counter intuitive to versatility. Pondering the outfit possibilities as I stood there, I pictured wearing this in the cooler months with knee-high, pointed-toe black suede boots and if I was really going for it, an emerald green handbag and/or leather gloves. In the summertime, with a strappy sandal and presto! it’s daytime appropriate.

My style inspiration for Spring/Summer 2019 dresses
Seeing spots at Celine.

Let’s do this together. Baby steps. Before we know it, we’ll be tossing in floral accessories and contrasting colored shoes like nobody’s biznasss. As always some inspo….

If there is a season to try this out, it’s now – spring/summer. Why? Because it’s time to have some fun, it’s been a long AF winter. Here are some of my top picks.

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