Hi lovely. I hope these short winter days are going well for you.  While I don’t have much in the way of interesting news, I do have a pretty fun lineup of upcoming posts to share in the next few weeks (hint: Valentine’s Day and a fashion post)!

I’ve been contemplating something lately…Whether or not blogging is still relevant, interesting, valuable? I have been using Instagram quite a bit lately and really love that platform for the ease and speed to provide images with just a snippet of content. I’m wondering if social media platforms that allow for small, succinct bits of information are edging out the more meaty alternatives like blogs? Just thinkin…

Happy week to you!



I am a devout routine follower. A creature of habit. Life throws many curveballs, so I suppose having a few things remain constant provides me with balance and sense of calm. That said, there is only so much adherence before the benefits of structure, routine, sameness begin to create negative results – like not listening to our bodies, doing too much and getting an injury or getting bored and quitting or mindlessly coasting and letting poor eating/lifestyle habits creep in . Fitness goal setting and a commitment to regular exercise are built into my daily life. At the same time,  I try to be accepting of myself and circumstances when things don’t go as planned. This time of year I often need a shot in the arm so to speak to keep the motivation where I want it to be. Whether that be finding a new running route, or getting a new pair of sneakers, often a few little pick-me-ups help tremendously in getting through the last bit of winter. Here are some of my recent favs:

Leggings and bras from here. Once I started doing yoga several times per week, I shopped around looking for  leggings that could perform double duty with running. I prefer thinner fabric which narrows the selection significantly. I also love these (better for running) and these (better for yoga), but wanted to introduce you to a smaller brand that I highly recommend. I have both of these for over a year and adore.



Socks are the most boring part of the whole exercise attire thing, but they need not be! My daughter gave me a pair of socks from here for Christmas and I’ve been hooked ever since.


One of the frequent topics of conversation after an intense yoga class is where to find comfy apres yoga clothes that can be thrown on after class and will look decent for grabbing a coffee. I have found the treasure trove! I absolutely love the material – sort of stretchy – thus just perfect for your post savasana sore self. Get them here.

Another awesome after exercise (or anytime really) pick-me-up is this new found item. I have been a super fan of this company after I saw an ad for this on Instagram and it is has become my #1 favorite beauty item (Note to self:  do a beauty post). Anyway, this is a great little refresher that leaves you looking heathy and dewy. I have a couple on hand – one for my gym/yoga bag and another at home. You will love this.

Last but not least… Despite having a great bathtub, I rarely used it. A bath – while SO incredibly relaxing, was rarely considered. Then I read about epsom salts and their affect on sore muscles. Amazing! Did you know that the magnesium in epsom salts is also a natural mood lifter? Neither did I?! Double happiness! I have upped my bath game and just ordered these. I’m so excited to try them, and given the source, I can’t imagine they won’t be fab! Consider this to be your well deserved finish line!



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