Well hi. I haven’t posted in some time, because for one I have had every kind of technology situation arise all at once. Thankfully, I now have a TWO person IT department!  Besides that, life peacefully continues to find it’s way to a new normal. I’m enjoying the experience of sustained quiet and stillness now that the kids are back at school. At the same time, starting new routines, switching up my daily travel patterns and stepping outside my comfort zone from time to time. It’s all part of embracing change rather than resisting it. There are some miraculous things that happen when that ever so slight tweak in thinking happens. I truly believe that.



So, it’s January. Suffice it to say, it’s probably gray outside most of the time where you are as it is here in Northern California. After the holidays there’s this stretch of waiting for spring yet we still have months to go. The Gray Period. I’m working on a big interior design project that is mostly gray, black and cream. I’m in heaven with the color palette, so I thought I’d share some images that influence and inspire me. In addition, my daughter taught me a new word for my typical winter day attire – A Groutfit. It means when your outfit is predominantly gray. So, I’m also sharing some Groutfit inspirations too :))

Happy winter my loves.

soft gray bedroom colors

charcoal gray bedroom

gray chalk paint palette

Grey winter outfit

Gray linen bedding

Charcoal on gray linen fabric

Gray sweater and ripped jeans

Shades of gray linen fabric

Metal letter B

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