Hello to you. It’s been a busy week with work projects as well as loading new products onto my shop site!!! Yes! Finally! Please stay tuned! The collection of home furnishings, accessories, vintage pieces and clothing is really exciting and I think you will love it.

Thankful for a nice, calm week and hope, wherever you are, you have that too.



Some posts are harder to write than others. This is one….so rather than say much, I think I will just share with you, photos of the most beautiful weekend ever.

An after breakfast walk on the way to the beach and we found this amazing place for freshly caught and packaged fish. They ship too.

I didn’t photoshop the other people out of this picture. We really had the beach all to ourselves.

He wanted no part of his friends. So bugged.

Base camp for the weekend while we explored the nearby beaches and towns.

If cabins in the woods are your idea of romantic, this is your place.

This is the hot tub, which we had all to ourselves. Thank goodness, because we didn’t bring bathing suits.

The owners of the property have whimsical – and sometimes sort of odd – statues and signs throughout the woods that surround the cabins. This one was so sweet, I had to take a photo!

Absolutely no filters on any of these photos.

We popped into this place to take a look around since it’s considered to be one of the top 10 golf courses in the world, and ended up staying for lunch and massages.

This guy followed us as we walked through the golf course with one of our french fries he took from our lunch.

For info on the romantic cabin in the woods, click here.

For info on the super fancy golf resort, click here.



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