There is only one kind worth having in my opinion… I’m referring to the category of romantic love and within that, to the madly passionately in love variety. In contrast, the comfortable, play it safe kind of love is nice, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the other. The challenge with the former is that it comes with risk. The stakes are high because there is no greater vulnerability one can possess than opening your purest self to another in a romantic way. It’s a huge risk. The operative words in these two kinds of love: safe and risk. I’m not suggesting that the madly passionately in love be ‘risky’ or ‘unsafe’ – just the opposite. In order to let ones self get to the deepest feeling and connection with another human being – a connection of mind, body and soul – feeling safe with them and creating safety for them is essential. So why do we so often choose the coasting comfortable love? Because it’s the path of least resistance. It comes without the potential of hurt. Did you know that the opposite of love isn’t hate? It’s fear. When I learned that, it really opened my eyes and my awareness. The other element that makes the madly passionately in love, so incredibly wonderful is that you have little or no control when or with whom it will happen. But you do have to be 100% open to it appearing . It doesn’t develop in time with someone, or by aggressive (or passive aggressive) manipulation or jealous trapping. It comes innocently out of the blue and all of a sudden your world is magically different than it was the day before. This person is now within your cells and contained in every thought and vice versa. Cupid is elusive and he may never shoot his arrow in your direction, but if he does, embrace it and don’t look back, because there is no better love in the entire universe.

These photos represent to me, this kind of love and those little moments we don’t often pay much attention to but are the ones that matter the most.

With my love, Happy Valentine’s Day.




holding hands

Holding hands is actually beneficial to our heath. All kinds of good chemicals get released when we hold hands.

holding hands in the car

Sometimes a romantic gesture can convey more than any words.

I wish there was another word for this instead of spooning or cuddling, but TheBestFeelingInTheWorld seems a bit too long.

couple lying in a camper

Having shared hobbies or interests that were established before but then become blended makes for the most fun experiences together. The role fun and laughter play in a passionate relationship can’t be underestimated.

being carried into the waves

Couple skiing together

I didn’t realize how much dancing with someone you love enhances your bond- whether it be on the dance floor or kitchen – things only get better after a night of dancing. By the way, this is David Bowie and his wife Iman.

David Bowie and Iman slow dancing

Him reading to her in the bath

Selfless gestures, care taking and those little moments in between the big ones. Those are the best.

kissing on tip toes

Passion, romance and physical intimacy are vital for any love relationship. Without them it’s friendship.

Kissing in an alley



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