A flower exchange party and recipe for deconstructed Nicosia salad with salmon

Several weeks ago  I had a group of girlfriends over for lunch. The common thread that binds us is that we met through our kids and all live in the same neighborhood. There were 10 of us which is a great size for full table conversations as well as multiple smaller ones. I had the same group of lovelies over for a cookie exchange at Christmas, which was a big hit – the amount of wine consumed had absolutely nothing to do with it.  because who doesn't like cookies?  So, I wanted to do a summer version and came up with a flower exchange theme. Everyone brought about a dozen stems of their choosing and at the end of the party everyone took home a gorgeous mixed bouquet.  


The plan was to eat outside, but it was cold and started sprinkling that morning, so I brought everything inside at the last minute, thus no table pics.




For lunch, I made a deconstructed nicoise salad meaning all of the ingredients were singled out and people could take what they wanted. 


I used salmon instead of tuna and had the most serendipitous discovery that morning. I was planning on baking the salmon, but I happened to notice a never opened box of parchment baking bags in a drawer with a picture of salmon filets on it. I decided to try it out and followed the recipe in the box: Preheat oven to 400 degrees, put the salmon in the bag (I put 3 pieces in each bag) with some lemon, dill and a tsp of water. Bake for 10 minutes and open the bag gently to release steam. Omg – foolproof! You can get the bags here.


I also made this ricotta and roasted tomato galette from the Macrina Bakery cookbook. You can get the cookbook here.


There were a few extra flowers left over after everyone left. Lucky Lily and me!


Happy Wednesday!



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