Examples of wallpaper in various rooms

Hi sweet people. Happy Friday to all of you. This is going to be a relatively quiet weekend for me. The highlight being my daughter Lily's prom or as I like to call it "Prom Drom" as in, short for drama. There's a whole lot more at play for girls regarding the prom – whoa. When Luke went (I think he went every year he was in high school…) all that was involved was renting his tuxedo and getting the girl a corsage. With girls, the preparation starts right after Christmas vacation. Suffice it to say, I will be happy when she comes back home well before her 10pm curfew, so we can all move on! If she lets me, I will post a photo of her and her date on the next post. Parents are invited to a pre-prom cocktail party at the home of one of the boys in the group she is going with. Should be fun…

So, wallpaper… It's a little controversial because it requires making a commitment that paint simply does not. You have to really like it, because it's a bold design statement that isn't easy to take down. In addition, it dictates the style direction of the other pieces in the room. Despite all that, wallpaper seems to be gaining in popularity these days and I must say I'm loving the gorgeous colors, textures and materials that are out there. Small spaces that don't involve furnishings are the best places for wallpaper. It in itself being the star of the show.







Still life's get me every time. This one is so incredibly stunning.


A fun way to add some interest to a room is to wallpaper the back of bookshelves. 


Kids rooms are another place that I've seen a trend in wallpaper emerging.


The color combination is so quirky, yet it totally works.



I love the idea of wallpapering the ceiling. If you didn't see it done, it would be daunting, but how sweet that the little one whose room this is can look up and see the birds?


How adorable is this bunny wallpaper with the little pink stars?


Happy weekend!




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