Details from the 2015 San Francisco Decortator Showcase

Well hi there. Finally backI often consider writing another blog in addition to this one – I even have a name picked out – for those times when life gets in the way of blogging. The ups and downs give us character and remind us we are leading full lives I suppose… Even if only to serve as benchmarks to compare the plateaus against. Maybe… Anyway, all is fine, actually great. I've missed you and here….



Speaking of details, thank you to reader M.A. who emailed me a couple of months ago asking about my window trim detail. She kindly followed up recently with a photo of her almost complete kitchen remodel! Beautiful isn't it?! I adore it when you lovelies send me your project photos, so please do show and tell! 


Second, a reader from Australia emailed me about specifications on my board and batten siding, but I can no longer find the email! My apologies! The comment section on the blog post is the best and fastest way to get a reply from me and often other readers inquire about the same thing. Here is a close-up of my b & b siding and the dimensions.

Battens are 2.5" and boards are 9.5" (the space between the battens).

I toured the 2015 SF Decorator Showcase a couple of weekends ago and took photos of some of the details that caught my eye. And, as we know, it's the details that make all the difference.

Texture, texture, texture! Love the tree stump table base!

I like the idea of using a stool made of a material other than teak in a shower. It offers a way to bring color and/or angles or curves to a small space.

It's hard to see in the photo, but this is beautiful straited high gloss wall application.

 The above and below photos are of the same space.

 I haven't seen colored nail heads used before. I like the merlot color against the charcoal wool fabric.

 Such a fun surprise for a laundry room.

I really liked this space. It was like walking into a black and white photograph. Often rooms in showcase homes can take playful or daring design to an extreme, but I think the blue mannequin in the monochrome room was perfection.

Although it's hard to see in the photo, the millwork is painted the same color and finish as the walls. This is a great affect especially where there is elaborate architectural trim.

 Black marble, dark grout and brass. What's not to love?

Hunter green lacquered walls with cream and natural leather. In this room, that classic combo is anything but traditional. (Above photo and below four photos are the same room).

If there is one common thread throughout the showcase house, I would say it's the color green. I spotted it in almost every room. Personally I haven't done any projects with a green color scheme or green furnishings and I don't know why… Lots of inspiration to be gained from the great use of this color.

This shade of light green – was just sublime. One of my favorite color combinations is purple and pale green. This room reminded me of Laduree in Paris. 

This curtain fabric is so pretty! 

For information on the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, including the designers who created the above rooms, click here.

Happy short week to you!

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