Favorite new discoveries in home furnishings.

These middle days that span from the holidays to spring can feel like a savannah. It is during this time of year more than any other that I'm driven to seek out inspiration rather than wait until it falls into my lap. Often times, falling into those deep crevasses can lead to all kinds of amazing discoveries!

Here are a few things that have recently caught my attention, provided creative starting points for some current projects and are just straight up fun. Enjoy.

1. Calico

Please hear me out. It's no longer Calico Corners, it's now just Calico. There is clearly a big change happening within this company and me likey. Like a stealth in the night, they are doing it swiftly, quietly and with precision. So, get out of your I'm-too-cool-for-Calico mindset and get your fabric on.

They even have a blog. Check it out here.




2. Perennials

Speaking of fabric, I'm thrilled to see that technology for stain resistant, yet awesome looking and feeling fabric has been keeping up with NASA. Every time I see the latest collections, I wonder if there is any reason to buy any other fabric? One the most exciting discoveries was finding out that two of my go-to favorites have joined forces. Galbraith & Paul and Perennials have teamed up and are now making 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics for all of your outdoor, pet-perched, kid-friendly needs!



3. Industrial Light Electric

I just discovered this website and really like their fresh approach to industrial lighting. They have great options for infusing a bit of color to a room too. I love the wall sconce below. It's all about the brass.



 4. Instantly Framed

In the age of the camera phone, actually printing photos let alone getting them framed has disappeared from our lives much like pulling to the side of the road and reading a map has. I for one, am up at night over this. I carefully photographed and albumed every 'first' that my kids experienced until I got a digital camera and then it was all she wrote. It's all on a disc I told myself. Anyway…

I love this app because it allows you to send a photo from your Instagram, Facebook or camera roll and they will print it on high quality paper (they offer 3 sizes) and then frame it under glass and a 12" x 12"  black wood frame for $65! Not only that, but you get it in 5 days!



Happy long weekend to you!

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