Hi sweet people. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. There has been some nasty weather in parts of the US this week, so if you happen to be in one of them, hopefully you are inside, warm and toasty. Watching the snow fall. Sipping a hot mug of something. With a fire going. Reading the Sunday paper. In b…  Anywayyyy, this coming week is all about work, so I'm enjoying a nice quiet weekend to gear up.

One of the most difficult decisions for my client's is selecting artwork. It should be the easiest! There is only one thing you need to know or to consider when picking a piece of art for your home: Do you love it? That's it. It doesn't need to match the rug, it doesn't have to be the same style as other art you already have, it doesn't have to be expensive or considered great by anyone else but you. When you have a connection with a piece of art you will feel it right away. If you are unsure, walk away for a minute or two and come back to it and see if it still resonates.


  White walls + dark floors




Isn't this room by Alexa Hampton gorgeous? Man, there's a lot of inspiration there. Even if traditional is not your style, soak up the colors, textures and patterns.



Buying art has changed dramatically in the past few years. There are new online resources popping almost daily. I wouldn't recommend going the online route all the time, but for a piece here and there or in a pinch, it can be a great option. Here are some that I have found recently:

Option 1 – is an online-only art gallery offering curated, original art for sale from mid-career and emerging artists. 

Option 2 –  is a dynamic and multichannel platform dedicated to bringing international artists and their work to a global audience. 

Option 3 - provides high quality art, in beautiful hand-made frames, including photographs, prints, textiles and antiques.

Option 4 – Lease, buy or commission. Many of the artists they work with have been featured in prominent publications including The New York Times, Artforum and Art in America.

My most recent art purchase is this photograph by Gray Malin. Sorry about the reflection!


It's hard to tell, but there are only a few people out at the beach which makes me wonder why since it appears to be a summer day… Another thing that makes art compelling – does it make you wonder what story it's telling, what the artist was thinking, are there different perspectives…

If I had a bazillion dollars, I would buy this…



and this



Happy Monday!

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