It's finally done! Let me show you around… 

Looking out from the kitchen doors to the gravel patio. We may add a barbeque later to the corner closest to the door. It's been stubbed with a gas and electric line, so it will be easy to add.

The arbor is made of redwood and is chunky and simple.

The walls throughout the landscape have been stucco'd with a light gray stain. I'm hoping that in a few months, the new plants will cover up our neighbor's fence.

Oh look! It's a rare sighting! A teenager eating a blowl of cherries while she keeps her mom company and critiques her picture taking skills. 

This is looking at the kitchen doors from the table. The ipe deck matches the other decks throughout the house.

 I am most excited to have a lawn. Grass is a rare commodity here in California. You don't get to have much because water consumption is a huge issue. So, despite the fact that the property is 20,000 sq. feet, this is all the grass we have. That said, it is just perfect for us. It is a simple but highly pleasurable thing to walk barefoot in grass.

Cement pavers lead to the back driveway.

There is a path that leads from the gravel eating area down to the lower part of the property and main driveway. I love the way the path turned out. We used stones and natural colored pea gravel. Since it's not meant to be a main entrance, we wanted to keep it pretty informal.

The sloped area on each side of the path is home to a few fruit bearing trees, so it's referred to as "the orchard". There are limes, lemons and meyer lemons.

Two black mission fig trees.

Two Fuji apple trees and one Gala apple tree.

And five Frantoia olive trees. My friend Victoria recommended them. She has a farm in Sonoma and makes her own small batch olive oil as well as olive oil infused lotions and soaps. 

Moving down to the front porch, there are big rectangular cement pavers leading from the driveway to the porch and front door. This cute little garden space will look more filled in soon when the plants get a little bigger.


I love hydrangeas and we have a few varieties scattered around. I would like to add more every year.

Roses are another favorite flower. Here is a little pale pink bud. It will be nice when it opens as there are no other buds left on any of the roses since someone accidentally left the gate open and the deer had a party.


I can't remember if I've shown this space earlier. It was finished last year, but since it is used so much, it's worth showing again. The fire pit and adirondacks are a regular hangout.

 Happy Monday to you!

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