Well hi you… Long time since last post, I know. Besides being incredibly busy at work (LOVE-ing my current projects!), this past month I've been biting my nails as the college letters arrived on a daily basis. I am thrilled to announce that our son Luke has made his decision and will be attending George Washington University this fall!! We are so proud and excited to watch him embark on this new adventure! Although he will be very far from home, I am happy he'll have the experience of living on the East Coast!

Luke & Ian - prom 2014

This was taken at the pre-prom party. It's of Luke (right) and his best friend, Ian who is my like my son from another mother. I really like Luke's tux which he picked out himself without suggestions from Lily or me. I did add that a nice colorful hankerchief might have been fun, but he preferred the white one.

Our daughter Lily who is a freshman in high school, just finished her first season of high school soccer, which has ALOT more parent involvement than her previous teams… just sayin. Their team finished #2 in their division! This was her favorite team ever and a an absolute joy to watch.

Add graduation preparation and booking summer reservations for camps and vacations, and it has been one heck of a busy month!

I've been meaning to do a post about one of my favorite stores – Roberta Roller Rabbit – for some time. In fact, I took these pictures last year when the store near me first opened. The merchandise is bright and splashy, with bold colors. Everything about it reminds me of the Hamptons. Take a look and come on summer!

I love the stencilling on all the displays and the walls. Such a great idea for kids' rooms with Ikea furniture!

The caftan, sundress and beach cover-up selection is the best! They even have a frequent buyer punch card, just like when you get frozen yogurt! Here are my two from last year.

I hope you are able to visit a Roberta Roller Rabbit store in person! In the meantime, check out the website here.

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