**Note: I wrote this on Sunday, and then thought twice about publishing it… I just read Vicki Archer's blog – French Essence (one of my must reads despite the number of unread emails that pile up). Anyway, today she wrote a very inspiring post about weight loss and it made me think we can all use a little 'just do it' encouragement! More fun decor stuff and LOTS of photos coming in next post! Until then…

Here is a little vitamin to get your week started…It occurred to me today that this phrase which I use daily, is so embedded in my brain, that I never actually think of it consciously. It bubbled up to the surface this morning and I thought I would share it. 

A loooong time ago, we went on vacation with my husband's family. My sister-in-law who is about my same age, headed out bright and early for a run. I also ran, but never more than five miles and always felt like the badass that one is when they run five miles, but I wanted to up my game. Just not that day, because I was jet-lagged,  on vacation, blah blah blah. Yet my sister-in-law, who had the same amount of sleep, took the same flight, was also on vacation somehow managed a 10-mile run. When she got back, I asked her from my comfy perch on the couch in my pj's, how she did it and she simply said, "I pick it up and I don't put it down."

Life changer for me.  

I realized this morning – while running – which, incidentally, is when I seem to solve all the world's problems, figure out exactly where that missing plane is, come up with the most creative ideas, remember things I have forgotten for years, analyze the crap out of everything and then forget half of it by the time I am out of the shower – that this phrase can be applied to all areas of our lives. For example:

A promotion:


Saving money


Finding true love


And of course, six pack abs


 Have a great week! 



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