I keep reminding myself that despite the balmy temperatures here in California, it is still winter. Regardless of what the thermometer says, these are some of my favorite winter finds. Little bit of this and a little bit of that… enjoy!

1. Pendleton Blankets. When I was 16 I asked for a Pendleton blanket for my birthday. I'm sure my parents thought I was crazy, but they got one for me anyway. I still have it, love it just as much if not more, and it still looks brand new despite being on my bed from high school, through college and beyond.



 PendletonWoolenMills PendletonWoolenMills 

2. Sunset Magazine. I could put this fantastic magazine on a list for any season. For those of you who have spent even a portion of your childhood on the west coast,  Sunset will most likely conjure some nostalgic memories. I don't know if it's always been this good, or if recent improvements were made to keep it in print. Anyway, it's content is about the west coast lifestyle and while the logo, look and feel hasn't changed much, they absolutely have their fingers on the pulse of everything current, interesting and cool. 


3.Cast Iron Frying Pans. One of my most indispensable cooking tools is my reversible cast iron grill/griddle pan. I use the grill side all the time for chicken, shrimp skewers, portabello mushrooms, bread with olive oil and occasionally thinner cuts of meat. The griddle is ideal for making pancakes for a crowd. A post-slumber party breakfast necessity!


My foodie friends have been extolling the virtues of cooking with a cast iron skillet for years. I was at my local hardware store recently and saw the selection of pans made by Lodge – a 100+ year old American company and decided to give it a try. I tried mine out with cornbread and it was amazing! 


4. Fresh Sugar Bath Cubes. I adore everything by the company Fresh and am never without their body lotion in my arsenal of potions and lotions as well as their milk soap. I decided to try the Sugar Cubes for the bath in part because the packaging was so dang awesome and I needed something to ward off winter dry skin. Heavenly. The fragrance is light and not at all overpowering. 

  Fresh sugar bath cubes


5. Kiehl's Midnight Eye Recovery. I have been a sceptic of cosmetics that claim dramatic results. I bought a few Christmas presents at Kiehl's and was given a sample of this eye cream. The sales girl could not rave more about this product for reducing eye puffiness. Well I tried it and now I'm a believer!



 Have a wonderful week!

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