The weeks prior to the end of the year were a blur – a combination of work deadlines, social events and of course, the usual holiday craziness. There were a few highlights I thought I’d share…

Shutterfly, if you aren’t familiar, is an online company that imprints photos and on just about anything –  cards, mugs, calendars, you name it. They did their Valentine’s Day photo shoot at my house recently. It was really fun to see what happens the behind the scenes.

The caterers were there at 8:00am to set up breakfast, then came back for lunch. As much as I love to cook, I kind of like the idea of someone showing up at mealtimes with an assortment of delicious food then cleaning it all up and leaving.

They were shooting for Valentine’s Day, so the stylists brought tons of red and pink props.

I tried to stay out of the way and not take too many photos, I really did. Believe it or not, there were about 15 people here for an entire day. I also wanted to do some arts and crafts with all their stuff, but I didn’t.

Since Shutterfly takes very cropped photos of their products, only this guy’s hand will be in the final version. He did say my bed was the most comfortable he’s ever been on.

There were various holiday parties this week, but the most photo worthy was a party hosted by my uber hip friend Heidi Godoff in St. Helena. You might remember, I have posted about Heidi’s felted wool handbags – of which, I am the proud owner of not one, but two. Heidi’s bags are now available on! You will love them and feel uber hip too doing your thing around town with one over your shoulder.

Click here for a HBG bag of your own.

Here we are – me, Heidi, Sarah Lonsdale (founder and creator of the blog of all blogs – Remodelista), and my BFF Cristine. I did not get the memo to wear black.

Heidi was actually hosting a party slash pop-up store to introduce her new line of beanies (yes! loveee beanies!) and home furnishings (yes! loveee home furnishings!)

Heidi had a delicious holiday spread of raclette, smoked meats, roasted chestnuts made in the fire, and spicy hot glug to drink.




I hope you have a great rest of the weekend! Until next time…

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