Happy New Year to you, lovely readers! I hope you’ve had a joyous holiday season! I spent the week between Christmas and New Year's in Tahoe, re-learning to ski. It had been about 30 years, but lo and behold it all seemed to come back! All but the fearlessness. I like to go s-l-o-w now. There wasn’t much snow, but they made enough artificial snow for the beginning and intermediate runs to be open. The light blanket of white was perfect for me to carry out most of my lifelong cabin-in-the-snowy-woods fantasies. Crackling fire every evening, Scrabble games and hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, etc.






Hot chocolate




So, what do you think about resolutions? I’m more introspective around my birthday and find the idea of everyone in the whole wide world making goals on an arbitrary calendar day to be a bit cliche. That said, I do them anyway! I love lists, so why not?

 This past year was a toughie for me… Along the way, I’ve considered sharing it with you, but in the end decided against it, as this is a blog about lifestyle not my life. I’ve even thought about creating another blog devoted to navigating the rough waters. A place for those in similar situations to come and feel better and know they’re not alone. Who knows, perhaps I still will or perhaps I’ll write a book… Think “Gone Girl” + “50 Shades of Gray”! So, for those here solely for the normal content, please bear with my New Year, New You post. I will be done after this ☺. At least on here…

While I won’t go into the details of my story, I do want to pass on a few things I learned in the process so that if you – sweet reader – are going through something really difficult – you might be able to get a jump start on feeling better and changing the trajectory of 2014 from bad to great.

1. It will pass. Repeat to yourself, “I will get through this and be better for it.”



2. If you can only manage one thing in your day, make sure it is exercise and good nutrition. So, put that donut down. Nope, you must. 


 3. Get out of your house. It is a natural tendency to want to hermit yourself and be alone. But the hustle bustle of a busy street or a scenic drive or sitting at a café will be a distraction even if you don’t feel it at the time.


Yes, it’s a short list, because when you are in crisis mode, this is all you can handle.

On the topic of New Year’s resolutions, weight loss and good health practices are on everyone’s list. The main thing that got me through this year was exercise and eating well. There were days where I could only run a few feet and would stop. Despite being a long time runner, I had to force myself to run just a little farther every day. If for no other reason, your immune system is compromised during stressful times so you are more prone to getting colds and the like. The gravy is that you will look good when you come out it 😉

So (I hope I don’t sound preachy…) here is my formula for getting to the weight you want…. Ready?

1. Eat the same thing for breakfast and the same thing for lunch every day (or at least 5 x per week). Do you remember when Oprah gained her weight back and she showed how she was going to lose it again by posting notes in her kitchen with her schedule of what she could eat and when? It made me hungry. The logic with eating the same thing every day is that you completely stop thinking about food, because if you know that at 10:00am you get 6 almonds, you will be hungrier in anticipation.


 2. Eat breakfast and lunch as late as you can – after 1:00pm for lunch is best.


3. Exercise. The reality that an average height woman can only eat 1500 calories per day is harsh. Sorry to deliver the news. That is not much, and most of us exceed that and are still hungry. Go burn some calories!


So here is to a brand new year and enjoying it day by day! 





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