I had this post in mid-completion when I read the new issue of Elle Décor dedicated to luxury. I enjoyed the letter from Editor, Michael Boodro who wrote about luxury not being synonymous with money. The term is often associated
with affluence and can be off-putting especially during difficult economic
times. The working title of this post before was
“Great design doesn’t have to cost a lot!” I've been thinking about this
topic recently, as there seems to be an emerging marketplace for beautiful,
well-made, not mass produced, AFFORDABLE items for the home. I started to
create a list to share here and realized after reading this month’s Elle that
really this is what luxury is all about. We all deserve it, can easily get it and it will make our lives richer for it. No pun

Here are a few items for your modern farmhouse that are truly luxurious and do not
come with a hefty price tag:

Weathered "reclaimed look" 60" Bench – $194.99 from here.

Vintage Tabouret Chair set of (4) – $219.99 from here.

Philippe Stark Black Ghost Chair – $136.99 from here.


Lucentlamp -etsy

Brass and glass pendant fixture – $170 from here.


12" x 22" Lumbar pillow (without insert) – $34.65 from here.
Suzani style pillow- etsy

12" x 22" pillow (without insert) – $38.61 from here.

While I had affordable luxury on my mind, I noticed things in my house 

that bring a bit of luxury to the day-to-day routine. 

Here are some little things that are within reach to most, but deliver big returns in the 

luxuriousness department.

1. A hot beverage cup that you love. I drink my morning cup of tea in this.

Heath mug

2. Get the best towels you can buy. If you can only get one or two at a time, do it. The ones I like best are from Bed, Bath and Beyond and are called Ultimate Turkish Towels in white. I’ve had many a debate about Restoration 

Hardware towels vs. these.  It’s personal preference, I know, but honestly the 

B,B & B Turkish Towels are way better.

Ultimate Turkish Towel

3. A great bar of soap. I know spending $10 - $12 on soap seems like a lot when compared to buying in bulk at Costco, but the way good soap lathers and adds fragrance to your bathroom is so worth it.

French soap
4. Flowers or something green in a vase. I remember reading

in a book years ago by Dr. Andrew Weil about creating and keeping good health by paying attention to lifestyle. In it he mentioned how having fresh flowers in your home will stimulate happy subconscious thoughts which release happy chemicals in your body and in turn, cause a variety of good things to happen. I believe this to be a little bit of luxury too.

Flowers in bathroom

5. Bedding. Recently I decided to completely revamp my bed. I’m awaiting my new headboard and am in the process of changing the color palette (from: light blue, cream and brown to: lavender, purple and tan). While a great mattress is probably the most important household investment one can make, especially when reminding ones self that a good night’s sleep is perhaps the most luxurious gift we can give ourselves, the second most important thing is 

the sheets. Even if you can only afford just the pillowcases,

it will be enough to get the feeling of luxury as you doze off.  If you really want to 

indulge, iron them.

Speaking of pillowcases, pillows are also really important! I bought some pillows recently and ended up exchanging them for better ones. Even though they were more for decoration and not really for sleeping on, I’m glad I got good ones.

White bed
6. A clean house. Not much more to say.

Method cleaning products

7. A happy chair. A client once told me she has a chair that she only sits in when she feels good. If she is not in positive mood, she sits somewhere else until she feels better. Over time, the chair actually turned her mood around. This story has stuck with me. I always like to add a ‘one-off’ chair to a room with my design projects . Whether it’s upholstered in a fabric you love, or so comfortable you instantly relax or maybe it’s an architectural piece that adds style to your living space – a happy chair is luxury.

FarmHouseUrban two toned striped chair
I love seeing this chairs all over Pinterest. I bought two vintage chairs in sad shape 

a few years ago and re-did them completely. They sold right away. I have two more 

now, so please email me if you are interested.

8. Something old.  A vintage or antique object, especially one with a story (you bought it on your honeymoon, it belonged to your grandmother, you found it at a flea market, etc) has permanence. Customers often come into the shop conflicted about spending a little more on a vintage piece of furniture when they can just go to the mall and buy the same look for less. An old piece, has stood the test of time because it’s iconic and well made.

Antique piece

I hope your week is off to a fabulous start!



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