Well hi there.  It's early morning and really quiet around here. On Sunday I put my daughter Lily on a plane ~ by herself ~ for a month at summer camp. She's fourteen. It wasn't her first time flying alone, so no first time jitters, but this time she asked me to let her go through security and wait at the gate by herself. One of those tough mom moments… Wait, what if…?  I bit my tongue and watched her until she made it through. As a baby she was attached to my hip, never more than a few feet from me. The one who never stopped crying when a babysitter came. As she headed towards her gate, she gave me a big confident smile and a wave. Snip, went one of the apron strings. The day before, a plane crashed upon landing at the same airport. The wreckage was still on the tarmac. Many were injured on that flight as I'm sure you're aware and two tragically lost their lives. The two were teenage girls heading to summer camp. To those moms, my heart goes out to you.

While Lily is away at camp, I want to surprise her by re-doing her room. We're keeping all the same furniture – a fresh coat of paint here and there, swapping out some old hardware, and updating the accessories. I can't wait to see her reaction when she comes home and sees it! She and I picked out most things before she left, so it won't be a total surprise. If you are getting deja vu, it's because I did a post awhile ago showing a few things we picked out. You can read it by clicking here.

I'll show you the finished room just before she gets home which is still a few weeks away (the window coverings are being installed the day before). In the meantime, here are some rooms that I think provide great inspiration for teen girls.


Amanda Nisbet

Aren't these curtains incredible? Daybeds are perfect for teens because they serve double duty as sofas. I think this one is from West Elm. Piled with splashy colors like this is an easy way to bring in lots of color without making a major commitment.


It's also nice to repeat just one color throughout. It makes the textures and patterns stand out.

Pink bedroom in paris
 Love the light-up vanity and gorgeous chevron floors. 

Yellow + gray

It was tempting to replace Lily's twin beds with a queen size, but having the extra bed for sleepovers which happen weekly or more, it made sense to keep them.

Sleeping nook

What a great reading spot, The mattresses remind me of the story The Princess and the Pea!
Striped ceiling

Lots of fun ideas here – the striped ceiling, the pillows that spell out her name, a photo gallery wall. Coral and light blue are such a pretty color combo.

Traditional home

I like the way just two colors were used here. It's playful and adds whimsy without being over-the-top.

Wallpaper + headboard

One wall of wallpaper (or stencil or contrasting paint color) is a great way to add interest to a room especially if the architecture is lacking. I happen to adore this wallpaper and love the bed with it. However, I would be really tempted to paint it like the frame below…

Painted vintage mirror frame


I have so many juicy posts coming, I can't wait to share them all with you! 


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