Hi there. By the time this post is published, we will just be getting home from a great little spontaneous vacation. It was a whilwind, but so worth it – even the jetlag! Before I tell you all about it, I want to share, a dish I brought to a graduation cocktail party before we left. Like the other recipes I post here, this one is also SUPER easy and adaptable!

Enjoy and happy Monday! I've missed you … 

Typically at cocktail parties or potluck's, there are mostly carb heavy dishes, so I prefer to bring dishes that are protein based. My usual go-to dish is grilled lemon chicken skewers with spicy peanut dipping sauce (the recipe is here), but this time I decided to change it up a bit from and go with a mini version of a hearty open faced sandwich. I'm not much of a beef eater, nor a vegetarian, but somewhere in the middle. If you are like me, one or two of these is just the perfect amount to satisfy that once in awhile craving.


Freshly sliced deli roast beef 


Yellow onions (Walla Walla or Vidalia are great, but any yellow onion, even red will do)

Blue cheese salad dressing (get the best you can find)


Olive oil

Salt & Pepper


The only measurement you will need to know is 2T of oil to 1 onion. I like to use a little less oil than that, but add butter making the proportions the same.


I found this blue cheese dressing which is made locally. If you can't find something similar, just get the best you can find and add some crumbled blue cheese if it looks too thin.


Caramelizing onions is a s-l-o-w process. Make sure the heat is not too high – medium to medium high depending on your stove. Keep stirring so the onions don't stick or get brown too fast.


Cook them until they get golden brown. I cooked mine a little longer than above. At this point, I added salt and pepper.


To assemble, spread the blue cheese dressing on sliced baguette. Top with some roast beef, followed by the onions. As with all sandwiches, the contents to bread ratio is key. That's it!


Use sliced beef tenderloin, but because it's difficult to eat without utensils, use slider buns instead of baguette.

Instead of blue cheese dressing, use a combination of horseradish and sour cream.

Make into full size sandwiches by slicing the baguette horizontally and filling it with the other ingredients. Slice the sandwiches to your desired size and wrap in wax paper for a picnic. 

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