Happy Mother’s Day! Did you have breakfast in bed? I don’t like to eat in bed, but I do love breakfast! I’ve dropped major hints this week that I’ve been craving blueberry pancakes and bacon. My two (plus sleepover friends) are still snoozing, so we’ll see how that goes!

Breakfast in bed3


First off, I want to say thank you for all of your comments and emails!  I try to respond to each individually, but I’m sure I’ve let some slip by the past couple of weeks. Please accept my apology and if you don’t mind, just resend them! I have a temporary internet connection at the house and at times have no access. Moving + super busy at work has meant almost no time at the computer! So, I am going to attempt to list all the questions I have received and the corresponding answers below. 

What is the paint color on the exterior?  It’s a custom color that was matched to the window trim.

What are the dimensions of the board and batten siding? 12″ center to center, and 2 1/2″ width for the batten.

Can you share the source for your flooring? Yes, it’s Siberian Floors ask for Lenny.  http://www.siberianfloors.com

What is the paint color on the front door? It’s Obsidian by Restoration Hardware, color matched in Ben Moore paint.

Where did you get the tile for the bathroom floor? Unfortunately I don’t know, the tile setter sourced it. It’s 2 1/2″ Carrera hexagon shape.

Here are some recent house photos.


The hood is coming the end of the month. 


The pantry door has been stained a walnut color and the wood type is Alder. The door swings which has already proven to be so helpful!  I highly recommend it for pantry doors. The countertop inside the pantry was installed on Friday, so the cabinets and shelves need to still be put back in. I’ll post pictures when that happens.


The railing is finished, the paper on the floor finally removed, and front door hardware is on. Entry is done except for lighting. Still TBD on all of that.



This is the inside handle.

And the outside. They are from Rocky Mountain Hardware.

There are still a few boxes still at the rental house, but for the most part all of the furniture is out. It will be a gradual process to fill this house. But that’s how it should be. 




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