Hi! How was your week? Mine was pretty mellow. My daughter Lily and I had the house to ourselves while she was home for Spring Break. I alternated days working and spending quality time with her, trying not to feel guilty about the one I wasn't doing. The plight of the working mom! Does that ever happen to anyone else? Lots of stuff going on right now, so the next several weeks are going to be really crazy! If posts are more sporadic than usual, that's why. 

The house is steadily coming along, and moving back in is now days away! Most of the progress made this past week is in mid-completion, so I'm going to wait to post photos until everything is finished. The appliances were delivered, but need to be hooked up by the plumber and electrician so they are sticking out from the cabinets and still have plastic on them, the staircase railing is in, but not painted, the roof is on in half of the places it's going. You get the picture.

When it comes to plant knowledge and designing garden spaces, I have to rely on an expert . We hired a landscape architect to help navigate things, which has been really informative and sooo nice to be on the receiving end of the design process! As with interiors, collecting images that resonate, really helps. 






The above five photos I took a few years ago while we were on vacation here. The gardens are spectacular and left a huge impression on me.

Garden steps
Not sure what the source of the above image is, so if it's your garden (or photo) let me know so I can give credit.  I love gravel paths and stone steps with plants that grow over the edges.

Garden - Vickie Archer French Essance

photo source – French Essence blog

I also love stone steps that lead to intimate, small spaces.

Garden Stairs - Fench Kissed Blog

photo source – French Kissed blog

Garden - arch and gravel path - houseandhome

photo source – House and Home

Garden steps - amy adams

Garden Design – Amy Adams

There are 23 species of Hydrangea that grow in the US. I would like one of each please.

Hydrangea path - alex smith garden design

Garden Design – Alex Smith

Hydrangea stacy bass

Garden Design – Stacy Bass

Lacey hydrangeas

As I started writing this, I realized how many more elements there are to gardens and how fun they are to conceptualize. As the design plan starts to take shape, I'll break down the posts with more specific inspiration images and show the places they will go.

I started a Pinterest board for garden ideas. If you'd like to take a look, click here.

Monday, Monday! Hope you have a fantastic day!

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