Hi! Happy halfway to the weekend! So, I never made it to the Alameda Antique Fair on Sunday. Did you? I did get to Stinson beach on Saturday though. Truth be told, I went because there was an estate sale I wanted to check out – vintage surfboards, SUP boards, wetsuits and the like. I was too late because I misread the hours and got there after it was over – bummer! So what's a girl who's driven all the way to the beach to do? I was happy the skies were gray. Perfect weather for walking and deep thinking.

Things are happening at the house faster than I can take photos and share them with you, so here's a quick run down of the latest as of this morning.  

The exterior was painted!


The color is custom to match the windows.





The doors on the bottom right side go to the downstairs rec room. A deck will be above off of the living room.

This is the front porch which wraps around the three sides of the entry. A temporary door is up right now. The real front door arrived yesterday, but still needs to be painted –  black.


All the interior doors were hung. The hardware throughout the house is oil-rubbed bronze.


The trim around the windows and doors was completed.

The master bathroom tile is almost finished. On the floor is 1.5" hex tile in Carrera marble. In the kids' bathrooms which were done last year, I used the smaller hex tile in Carrera, and wanted to have some continuity between all the bathrooms. Underneath is a warming pad. 


Carrera subway tile is in the shower and covered by the paper is 1" x 1" sq. tile also in Carrera.

Saving the best for last… the floors were installed! Actually they are still working on them, but enough was put down that I could finally exhale. I was really nervous that I wouldn't like the color. There was a panicky moment when they were delivered and our contractor opened a few boxes and saw corners and edges 'banged up' and some variation in color from board to board. It turned out they were all fine, he just wasn't expecting the level of distressing and rustic-ness. I love them!



One of the minor changes that had to be made was enlarging a window in the dining room. It took a few weeks to arrive, so it was just installed this week too. This is looking from the kitchen towards the dining room and the new window.


More photos of the wood floors!


The light has affected the color of the floor in all of the photos above. I think this one is closest to the actual.


In case you were wondering which sample it was from my previous post on floors, it's the bottom one!

Tomorrow's to-do's include meeting with a landscape architect and finalizing the fireplaces and other architectural details.

If I can't squeeze in a post before, I hope you have a great weekend!

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