*Update – I was about to publish this post when I got a call from Martin. They left last night and should be here in a few hours.

It was like Santa didn’t show. I found out this morning (Wed), as I burst into the house, camera in hand ready for Martin and his entourage to roll in (he has two female assistants – tool belt toting, skill saw savvy and able to lift super heavy things without batting an eyelash! I kid you not.) that they have not left Seattle yet. I’m hoping they arrive late tomorrow (Thurs), but more than likely it’ll be Friday.

At least I do have some new things to share!


The tile in the Master Bathroom is complete.


The area around the bathtub is getting wainscoting trim with a 3″ shelf on each end for shampoo, candles, etc. 

Tub wainscoting

Our bathtub is on it’s way. Here’s an actual photo of it getting inspected in Tennessee.


The floors are now completely installed. Here’s the Master Bedroom.

Mstr bdrm floors

Mstr bdrm floors2

The slate tiles came for the entry. They’re 12″ x 24″. The grout color will be sand. I’m on the fence if they’re too dark? Please let me know what you think! 


Thank you for the emails and comments. I try to respond to each, but if I missed any, please resend it. I will also post email questions – I will leave the names off – don’t worry:-) on the blog in case others have the same. For comment questions, I will respond in the comments.  There was a question about the photos in the last post and if any had been painted yet. No, not until next week or so. What’s on the walls now is just primer, although I don’t know how different they will look.  The doors and trim have not been painted yet either.

Motto for the day: Good things are worth waiting forI hope yours is filled with goodness.


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