For the past several weeks, most of the progress has been in the behind the walls work. Things like electrical wiring, plumbing, sprinkler system (it's a requirement here in order to get your building permit approved!) are being installed. It's not the most exciting to see, so I waited until there was some visual progress before I took photos to show you. 

It was fun was to see the exterior siding going up. Starting to visualize what the house is going to look like! We decided to use board and battan for the new areas and keep the oringinal wood siding on the others. The striped look is temporary – all will be white soon.


After some trial and error, we selected 1" x 3"" boards spaced 12" apart center to center. At first, when they put up a sample piece, I didn't like that I could see the 'fuzz' from the wood boards. Our contractor was able to find a great product that is extremely weatherproof (more than the wood normally used) and it's perfectly smooth.  It's hard to tell in the photos, but it looks much cleaner.


The porch and roof are starting to take shape.



This is the addition – the entry to the house.


Reclaimed beams from North Carolina! They were leftovers from our contractor's last job…Going in the kitchen ceiling.


The insulation was added earlier this week and tomorrow the sheetrock goes up. I took a video today which I'll try to post in the next day or so. I've also picked the flooring and want to show you the contenders and the one I selected and why. 

Hope all's good and happy weekend to each and every one!


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