The most exciting part of the remodel so far has been seeing the entry being built. It's the only new space being added (other than the garage) so it's really fun to see how it's taking shape and changing the look and feel of the house.


This is the view of the front door from the upper foyer. A full height window flanks each side.  The entry is 2+ stories with the cupula at the top. The ceiling will be open so when you look up you can see the inside of the cupula. There will be a staircase (being built tomorrow!) that will be on the right leading to the main level – living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms. The lower level – rec room, office, laundry and guest room – can be entered by going straight as you enter the house.


 Boards are partly covering it right now, but you can see a little bit of the cupula.


Here's a view of the cupula from the outside.  It still needs a roof and a weathervane. There are so many options for weathervanes from traditional roosters and horses to something custom. Based on the direction that ours faces, and the neighbor that was a total $%^# during the permitting process, we are considering a weathervane that looks like a hand giving the finger. Just kidding… Not really. Maybe a pirate flag in the interum.


This is the retaining wall that was filled with concrete this past week. There will be a path leading down to a lower garden.


The view from the main driveway.


I almost forgot – the garage roof was finished last week too!


For a look back at what the house looked like before and what the first set of plans looked like, click here.

To read about how we got from there to here, click here.

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Have a wonderful week and as always thank you for reading! 


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