Do you know what this is?  It's our building permit!!! Mother @#$%er what an ordeal that was! Two years after starting on our house plans, we are finally under construction!

For those new to the blog, or for those who have forgotten (since it's been 2+ years!), I started this blog solely to document the remodeling of our house. Once we fell into the bureaucratic crevasse aka the Marin County permitting process, I needed to supplement with posts about other things (art, architecture, furniture, chothes, food, etc), which I have thoroughly enjoyed and will continue to do. But I couldn't be more excited to finally be able to share from beginning to end, what this blog was created for.

It's been two weeks since we began, so let me get you all up to speed… DEMO. The house is completely gutted. The only design decision made so far has been selecting windows. All framing is contingent on getting the exact window specifications. Our contractor and I went on a field trip to a window showroom whereI learned a ton! That will be in another post, but for now here is week one in review. Be sure to check out the video tour below!


One of five dumpster loads of debris.



Kitchen fireplace will be taken out since we don't use it. In its place (and the space behind)  will be a family room 'nook'.


This is the view of the kitchen from the other direction. It looks into the dining room. The wall separating the two rooms will be taken out.


Two wiindows will be added to the wall on each side of the range.


This was a funky open bar area (they were the rage here in Nor Cal in the 50's apparantly). It will be enclosed and half will be a pantry and the other half will be a powder room (entered from other side).


This is the living room. There will be french doors going out to a larger deck.


This is the dining room. The far wall windows will be made bigger and french doors to a juliet balcony will be added.


To the right is where the new powder room is going.

I took this video a couple of days after I took the above photos, so the progress is farther along…



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