Between moving to a rental house this past week (yes, we moved and it was just as horrendous as I remembered it to be- they should make prisoners do it instead of jail time!) and client presentations, Margaret; my awesome Assistant and I had time for a little office silliness.  It was sparked by our new arrival – FarmHouseUrban market totes! Yippee!  We love them!




Here's Margaret rockin' the denim bag.

Denim market tote

The burlap version (we only have two left!).

Burlap market tote

And the light denim version.  John our office neighbor came out of his office to see what was up.  He's a Naturpathic physician who specializes in joint pain. It's very convenient having him next door!

Denim bag2

I met the maker of these bags during my last trip to New York.  She designed them for urban dwellers who need to carry lots of heavy things in as small a bag as possible. I was gaga for them the minute I saw them! Made of heavy weight denim or burlap with upholstery binding for straps. There's a large pocket inside to keep phone and keys handy.  Price is $60/ea.


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