Selecting wine is not easy. I find that I usually rely on the staff recommendations at the grocery store or else I go with one of my standby favorites. When I want to try something different however, or I'm looking for a pairing with a particular dish or perhaps need something special to give as a gift, I'm usually stumped. 

Luckily for me (and now everyone else!) I've been able to call on my friend Elizabeth to help me pick a superb wine even when I'm just looking for an 'everyday' type of thing.

I'd like to introduce you to a new wine resource  ~ Elizabeth's List ~ a weekly offering of personal favorites chosen by someone well versed in the Northern California boutique wine community. Consider her like a girlfriend you can trust who truly knows wine and the winemakers behind them.

E's list

Let me first say that Elizabeth is not only my dear friend, Tuesday morning running partner, mother of three, Southern Belle and all around terrific peron, but she reeeaaallly knows wine.  I often call her from the store saying something like, "What should I get that goes with chicken strips?" or "We're grilling steaks, what's your recommendation?" and she always gets it right.


In her own words…

How did Elizabeth's List come about?

I have been in the wine business for 3 years selling boutique, small production wines to restaurants and wine bars in Marin and Sonoma County.  When I travel and go back east to see friends and family in the summer people were always asking about the wines that I was drinking, what the trends were…. how they could purchase some of these wines.  After two years of this I asked a wine sales web company who I worked with, Porthos, about doing my own web sales company.  They asked me to work with them…Elizabeth's List was then created.  

How does your relationship with Porthos benefit Elizabeth's List?
Porthos has been in business for 10 years and are first class.  They are the wine concierge for Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report and highly regarded in the wine community.  They taste over 10,000 wines a year.  So I have access to the small production farm to table wines that are so popular right now and then have access to all of their wines too….domestic and imports.  It is the best of the best.
No minimum order.  Porthos handles all the shipping, which is free on 6 or more bottles to anywhere in the US.  Tasting notes come with the wine as well as pairing recommendations.
Elizabeth's List offers a wine selection each week or two.  I feature a wine and tell a bit about the program.  Clicking the link to purchase takes you to check out.  Very easy and Porthos is super professional.

How do you select wines for Elizabeth's List?

I choose a wine by the following….. one that I have tasted and love, like the wine program and people, see that the wine is getting good press ( and agree with it), and from what great restaurants and wine bars are pouring  across the country.  

How can we find you and sign up for your weekly Elizabeth's List offers?

To sign up for my offers go to  or e mail me at

A snippet of what a typical weekly offering delivered to your email (no cost) might look like… 


Happy weekend! I hope it invloves something nice to sip. A votre sante!

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