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Up until a few days ago I was unaware that my expectations of having a completely positive hotel experience in nyc were extremely low.  I am what you'd call a hotel snob. I would rather stay home than go just about anywhere and stay in a not-so-great hotel. What I realized a few days ago, was that it really never occurred to me that somewhere, if I looked hard enough, there existed a hotel that possessed my two basic requirements (1. well kept – as in really clean and not shabby or rundown and 2. super quiet)  plus a slew of non-essential, but highly appreciated extras all at a not exorbitant rate.  That is, until I found a little pearl…

This may be my best nyc discovery ever.

The Pearl Hotel 

233 WEST 49TH STREET NEW YORK, NY 10019 | TEL: 800-801-3457 OR 212-245-4000

I had never heard of The Pearl Hotel, which opened in Oct 2010 until I happened upon it on Expedia, which offered a rate of $175/night and included wifi, continental breakfast, daily wine reception (never went to it, so I have no details).  The reviews on Tripadvisor, Expedia, Google, etc were all excellent, so I thought I'd try it.

I checked in, and was immediately upgraded. Without asking. I shit you not.

photo from website


When I saw my room was on the 3rd floor, I asked if it faced the street (incidentally, I always prefer and request rooms in nyc that face brick walls or are so close to another building you could reach out and touch it.  It means they're quiet!  A view from a nyc hotel room is a total waste on me. Hawaii is another story.) The friendly front desk receptionist explained that they use a special 'sound proof glass' so even if there was noise outside my window I probably wouldn't hear it.  Sound proof glass?  Ha! Right! If there were such a thing, why wouldn't fancier hotels that rhyme with 'Alice' where I normally stay install them, at least on their lower floors???


The first thing I do when I check into any hotel is open the windows.  Judge away!  As I opened the incredibly heavy window, the street sounds came barrelling in as quickly as the blast of cold air.  I closed the window. Silence. I opened it again. Honking, sirens, etc. Sound proof glass is a beautiful thing.

Are you noticing the cleanliness? 

Carrera marble countertop on the bar area.  Fridge below and microwave above. Keurig coffee maker and to-go cups.  

Pearl patio

photo from website

Many of the rooms have patios. I don't mean balconies, but full on lounge-chair-equipped-have-a-little-party-outside kind of patio.  


Nice big full-length mirror.


The bathroom was awesome! Spacious shower and standard size tub, the shower had an overhead faucet.  There was also a tv in the bathroom that faced the shower and tub.

Yes, those are Philosophy bath products!!!

photo from the website

There is a fitness room too.

I was in nyc to attend the Gift Fair, so as I was delighted to find out that the shuttle to the Javitts Center picks up at the Marriott Marquis only 3 blocks away.  

Another great surprise about this hotel is that it is directly across the street from the theatre where Book of Mormon is playing.  Tickets for this show are booked a year out.  Every day they offer 22 front row seats for that night's performance.  You just have to show up and put your name in a box and they will draw the winners 15 mins before the show.  The crowd I saw out front was at least 100 people.  I wished I had time to see a show and this one would have been my first choice.  

For more info on The Pearl Hotel, click here.

As far as the Gift Fair, I found some great new vendors for the shop and for client projects.  I posted a few finds on our FarmHouseUrban Facebook page.  Please find us on Facebook (button is on the right side of the blog) and like us to see the behind the scenes stuff!

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