BROOKLYN! In the past few years, I've noticed many shops, restaurants and businesses popping up in Brooklyn.  I had to see for myself what all the buzz is about, so my friend and I spent a day exploring. We got a recommendation from our cool waiter the night before, to visit 'his neighborhood' - Williamsburg, so that was our first stop.

We loved finding this little gold mine of a cheese shop – The Bedford Cheese Shop.

Bedford cheese shop2
Bedford cheese shop





In addition to the abundant cheese and salami selection, they also sell hand crafted chocolate – the perfect sweet treat to round out your impromptu Brooklyn picnic. This display of chocolate wrapped in a colorful palette of beautiful papers caught my eye immediately. It turns out the small company - Mast Brothers - is located right around the corner and is open to the public for tours of the chocolate making process.  We hoped to fit it in, but didn't have time. Next visit.


We ate lunch at a great place around the corner called 'Egg'. It was a recommendation from the guy at the cheese shop. Despite the name, I don't think there were any breakfast items on the menu. I took photos of the amazing sandwiches we had, but the photos looked like doo doo, so you'll just have to trust me!


The latter part of the day we walked around Park Slope.  We loved the neighborhood/family feel and great variety of restaurants and shops, stopping for a refreshment at, of all places, a gourmet beer shop.  If you look closely at the photo above, you might see why.

Ice cream - bierkraft

The photo below as well as this article listing this ice cream sandwich as one of the 10 best in ny area, is posted on the door. 

Icecream sandwich2


If you're into beer, this place will make you very, very happy!

Instead of taking the subway back to the city, we decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

On our way we passed a mall of sorts.  The stores are all converted shipping containers.





We were so enamored with Brooklyn, we came back on our last day to visit the Brooklyn Flea.  

If I wasn't going straight to the airport, here's what I would have picked up.

Chaise- brooklynflea

All this chaise needs is a little fabric love! It is practically the same as the one I have in the shop. Mine was also a flea market find.


Bluejars- brooklynflea

Flag - brooklynflea


Pie plate

I'm still thinking about that flag…

 Happy Happy New Year!




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