I have just two posts left on the nyc trip I took last month and can't end the year without getting them both in…so while they're not holiday, I hope you enjoy them just the same!

Why does everything taste so good in New York? Almost everywhere we ate was outstanding, except one horrible Italian place that, come to think of it, may not have even been a real restaurant… 

The shortened list of highlights include:

Accademia diVino – 1081 3rd Avenue. I've eaten at the one on the Upper West side too, and it's equally good. We shared a couple of salad/veggie dishes and the truffle pizza.  The crust is crisp like a flatbread – delicious. Great place if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

Vino academia

Buddakan – By the time we circled through this enormous space and were seated, I didn't care what the food tasted like. It is so spectacular, it was worth going just to see. Fortunately the food was delicious too. Our group was large, so we got to sit at (half of) this table.


Blue Ribbon – 97 Sullivan Street.  Small, quaint and open 4pm-4am.  The food and dining experience are always great, but this time in particular. I highly recommend the fried chicken– and to share it!

Blue Ribbon fried chicken

Just a few blocks from where we stayed is the fantastic gourmet grocery Citarella -"The ultimate gourmet market". I was able to take three photos before they politely explained the 'no photos' policy. 

Bread citarella


I'll be back in nyc in Jan.  Any recommendations?



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