I had one day on my own, which I spent exploring the Chelsea galleries looking for some art for a San Francisco client. Along the way, marveling at all the unique entrances and how they each tell a different story about what's inside…


Wood and brass


Entrance to Comme des Garcons

It was a cold day, but the sun was out – the ideal weather for walking in nyc.  What I found as I went from the bustling, crowded, zooming, honking, windy streets to the serene, quiet, calm of these galleries was that the back and forth of these two extremes had an incredibly relaxing effect.  

Billy's bakery

Perfectly frosted cupcakes at Billy's Bakery, luring in passers by.

Dammit doll

Some store had this in the window.  So funny. Loved that they used taxi fabric. I could have used one of these the next day when I couldn't catch a cab downtown to save my …life. Apparently, they were avoiding the Javitts Center while the marathoners were picking up their packets. Mass chaos, but it was inspiring to see all the runners. Got me considering perhaps giving it a whirl again next year… I said perhaps.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our apartment was in a great location, especially for discovering new shops.  I highly recommend visiting Gracious Home.  There are three Manhattan locations. Gracious Home has got absolutely everything from Frette sheets to toasters, Swarovski crystal chandeliers to sandpaper.  It takes up two opposite corners and each store is jam packed with beautiful things.

Gracious home

From one day to the next, the windows went from fall to holiday.

Xmas window - gracious home

A little walk through the store.

Mirror - gracious home

Lamps - gracious home

Love these sheets!



Bed2 - gracious home

I still have a couple more posts for you from nyc – Food and Brooklyn. 


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