On our second night in nyc, we decided to go to a play. 'Asuncion' – written and starring Jesse Eisenberg sounded interesting. It's playing at a 179-seat, historic theater (87 years old) in the Village  - The Cherry Lane. I thoroughly enjoyed the play, but more for the overall experience than the play itself. Jesse Eisenberg reminded me of Woody Allen, only not as funny. Hunched over posture, lots of emphatic gesturing and guilt was a recurring theme . The small theater was packed with Hollywood types, some we recognized (but NO Johnny Depp?!) Asuncion is only playing for another couple of weeks, so if you're looking for a true ny experience I would recommend getting tickets now! 

Before the play we had a cocktail at One If By Land, Two If By Sea, which has been in operation for decades. The beautiful exterior and old carriage door set the tone for what's inside.

Oibl ext

Oibl chandy

The floral arrangements, taper candles and chandeliers are set nightly. There is almost no other lighting, so the mood is very mysterious and romantic. It was for this reason that I decided to use these photos taken with my iphone vs. using the ones on the website taken during the day. It really feels like this inside. I'm not sure if the food is so great, but the ambiance is fantastic, especially for a quick cocktail.


After the show we went to Blue Ribbon – the one at 97 Sullivan Street. As always, the food was terrific (I had the fried chicken made with Matzoh meal, my friend had the mussels), good people watching, wonderful service.  They are open until 4:00am (we left waaay before that!) and since the food is so good, it is a favorite hangout for chefs after work. A perfect night in nyc.

Next up, New York fashion.

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