There is just nothing like this city, the best period. I have so much to share with you about the trip – it was all crazy good.

I was there with one of my closest friends in the world, who is also originally from nyc but now lives in Seattle.  We stayed at her relatives apartment on the Upper East side.  Unlike the last time we were in ny together last January (to read about that trip, click here) and spent the majority of our time on the Upper West and East sides (our former hoods), this time we mostly went downtown.

The building and location couldn't have been better – E 65th and 3rd Ave.  The apartment we stayed in was technically a studio, but it was 'L' shaped and a wall was built dividing the bedroom from the rest of the space, so it felt like a one bedroom. At 600 sq ft, it was just perfect for the two of us.  In the same building, several floors above, my friend's cousin, husband and baby son live.  They had a two bedroom apartment, then the 'L' shaped studio next door came available, so they combined them and just finished their renovation.  

Apt 1

Apt 2





There is an additional guest bedroom as well as a playroom and lots of storage.  It's such a hip, fresh space that reflects the adorable family that lives there.  

More to come!

Go NYC Marathoners!  



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